How to find a purpose in life: 3 easy steps

Greetings, dear reader!

If you are wondering how to find a purpose in life, then now is one of the most important stages of your life, and your choice depends on future. The goal is at the heart of all the greatest achievements and beginnings in our world, helps to overcome difficulties, and makes us always move forward. But if now you are standing at a crossroads, and are looking for your goal, your “light” that will illuminate your existence with a bright light, then today together with you we will try once and for all to find the very goal that you need.

The conversation is not about how to achieve financial well-being. The acquisition of things necessary for life, the maintenance of one’s living standard are ordinary human needs, since the life of each individual must satisfy elementary requirements. It is about a more ambitious; about the direction of actions that are the basis for everything that happens in life; about the necessary growth and development, about how to solve problems with hard work, despite all the difficulties, while not losing enthusiasm and having fun. It’s about a clear goal in life.

Today we will take 3 consecutive steps, each of which will help you determine your true goal:

  • First step: we will analyze what the real goal is and what it is for;
  • Second step: we will do some exercises that will help in target search;
  • The third step: we will analyze the main mistakes when choosing a target, and check our target for these errors;

However, I ask you not only to read these tips, but also to do some good work on yourself. And not sometime later, but right now. The first thing that we have to do with you is to realize what the real goal is. Let’s get started!

What is the real goal?

The goal is what gives motivation, gets you out of bed with the first rays of the sun and makes you act, even when there is no strength and desire. She helps to jump above your capabilities, to work, regardless of fatigue; leave the comfort zone, get rid of habits, go beyond the old thinking. This is what stimulates, generates an unquenchable thirst, gives additional energy.

Of course, everyone has their own opinion on this matter, which means that the goal has its own distinctive features. However, there are things that are common to everyone. Agree, goals in life are constantly changing, since the world around us is changeable: pace, economic and environmental situations, morality and principles, legislation, environment, we and our thinking – everything is subject to change. Therefore, it is very important to have a global goal for at least the next 15-20 years. It is she who will allow you to stay in the right direction, find the path and not turn off it under the influence of life circumstances.

What is purpose in life for?

Before we start looking for our purpose in life, you need to figure out what it is for. Few people bother themselves with such questions, although the awareness of the importance of having a global life goal simplifies its search, since it relieves consciousness of all unnecessary, imposed by other people’s opinions.

Having a goal, a person understands what he spends time and energy on. He knows that he is on the path to achieving his plan, realizes the correctness of the chosen direction. Harmony, happiness and understanding of where to move appear in life. It becomes easier to make a choice and separate the important from the unimportant, do not regret the decision. The person is motivated, he does not need coercion.

Life purpose makes existence a person more meaningful, helps to walk firmly, radiating confidence and proudly raising his head, even when it is hard. This helps to find meaning in life, to see through the prism of everyday life new opportunities, and in the end to live life so that it would not be excruciatingly painful for the time spent aimlessly …

Well, friends! So the most important moment of our today’s article has come – now we will move on to exercises that will help us know ourselves, realize our values, and find our true goal. Are you ready? Let’s start.

How to find a purpose in life: 7 main questions

So, we have come to the most important thing – to find our goal. To make everything work out, I will ask you to arm yourself with a pencil and a notebook – we will complete the assignments in writing. Finding your real purpose is to ask yourself the right questions.

1. What gives me pleasure?

The first question, which we will touch upon, is quite simple. Think about what gives you pleasure in life? This is the first important step. In life, you can find a lot of examples when someone, devoting himself to his favorite business, was able to reach great heights. For example, Bill Gates, whose hobby for computer technology led to success. Or Oprah Winfrey, who helped people, and reached incredible heights in this. From an early age, Edison was distinguished by a thirst for innovative solutions.

Think about what your heart is. Business, fitness, handicraft – it doesn’t matter as long as it is a favorite pastime. Favorite activities help you find a goal. If you like to draw, then this is the direction in which you need to move. It is important to see the signs and understand them. Think about what you would like to do. And do not forget to display your thoughts on paper: you need to write down at least 5 lessons that give you pleasure. Ready? Moving on.

2. What am I interested in?

Analyze your own interests. Take this seriously. It is important to find what causes the greatest interest: maybe you have always been interested in travel – new cities and countries, new emotions. Maybe you are interested in studying laws? Do you know how to apply them to benefit people, to help in difficult situations?

Most likely, by answering these questions, you will determine the necessary vector for further search. If you think you are not interested in anything, try to find at least something that can interest you. Much of your success is about interests. Your task is to write down on the sheet at least 5 areas that are of interest to you.

3. How do I spend my free time?

Analyze your leisure time: what you do and what would you like to do, when making plans for your free time? What would you occupy yourself with if you had even more time free from business (and if you had unlimited financial opportunities). Most likely, leisure, if it does not pass in front of the TV screen or watching the feed on social networks, is somehow connected with what what you are striving for, have a predisposition, which means that this will help in finding the target. It’s simple: write 5 activities that you would like to do in your free time. Happened? Moving on.

4. What was my interest in as a child?

E If a growing child is deprived of the right to choose throughout his childhood, it is unlikely that he will develop the skills of goal-setting. The absence or presence of goals is directly related to early age. It is difficult for the person for whom the parents decided which section or circle to go to, whom to communicate with, and whom to avoid – it is difficult to independently determine the goal, since the habits of choosing oneself are not formed.

Therefore, remember childhood: what did you like What did you enjoy? What did you dream about? What gave you vitality? You can also mention things that you would like to do, but you could not afford it, because there is no rationality in it, it does not bring a good income, or your parents do not approve. Write down 5 of these activities.

5. What inspires me?

If you want to find your goals, think about what inspires you, gives you strength and fascinates with the head? Do you consider sales to be an art field? Or, on the contrary, you want to leave work as soon as possible and cook something new for dinner? Perhaps you are inspired by the biography of some successful person – think about it, maybe you are showing interest in the occupation in which this person succeeded? Think about it carefully and write 5 activities that are inspiring.

6. What are my true desires?

Write down everything that comes to mind. Remember that all these: a car, an apartment, a sofa, a trip to the south, a leather jacket, a higher salary, a smartphone – all this does not belong to real values. “Having what “something” is not cool. It’s really cool to be somebody. This is the question you should ask yourself – who would I like to be? What am I striving for in life? This point is one of the most important, give it enough attention, and write down at least 5 of your true desires.

7. What does my ideal day look like?

Try to find a corner where you will not be disturbed for half an hour. Disconnect your mobile device, the Internet, turn off the radio, TV, all equipment and devices. Make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes, relax and discard extraneous thoughts.

Then imagine the future, say, 10 years from now: where is it, who is next to you? What kind of clothes do you wear, what have you achieved in life? Try to keep your train of thought calm. Avoid thinking patterns and stereotypes. Surrender to the flow of thoughts and see to which bank it will nail you. The clearer and more contrasting the picture, the easier it will be to materialize. The task is not easy – you need to imagine your ideal day to the smallest detail – who you have become, where you are, what you can do and what you have achieved. Describe everything in detail.

Final stage

If everything worked out, then it’s time to put together everything that we recorded with you and get an answer to the main question. So, friends, your task is to review your notes and find what you wrote about most often. Something that is mentioned in the list of interests, and in the list of children’s wishes, and in the scenario of the perfect day. If you responsibly and carefully approached the implementation of this exercise, then you will definitely find this clue , which is present in almost every of the 7 compiled lists. This is what you thought about the most. This is what you have been striving for the most. This is your real goal in life!

If you did not manage to complete everything at once, then the picture below in a convenient form presents the questions that we went through:

Take this picture (take a picture or print) and revise it periodically, asking these important questions. Sooner or later you will realize what your real goal is.

Well friends, that’s not all. One more final step awaits us, which will help us to make sure that we have really chosen the goal, which is our only one. To do this, we will analyze several basic mistakes in the formation of the goal, and analyze our goal for these errors. Are you ready? Let’s start.

Major mistakes in target selection

  • The goal is imposed by others . It often happens when goals are formed under the influence of external influences. This can be a parent or other authority figure, as well as a desire to prove something to someone. As a result, a person develops aspirations that he does not need at all, and their achievement will not bring pleasure and moral satisfaction. A simple example is to get a law degree just because my father was a lawyer, get a job and hate it; get married, because everyone does it; buy a car, since everyone has it; build a house to make neighbors jealous. There can be hundreds of examples in life.
  • Misplaced priorities . Everyone wants to be free, but they think it’s a matter of money. As a result, the desire to find oneself by gaining financial independence leads to an even greater loss of freedom. People become hostages of stereotypes, they lose hope of getting out of this race happy.
  • Fanaticism . A separate category of citizens is ready to throw everything on the altar in order to achieve what is essentially not so important for them. This is fanaticism, the desire to blindly believe in something. Fanatics are capable of achieving a lot, only in their life happiness and harmony are unlikely to reign.
  • Lack of inspiration . A person must find in himself a thirst to achieve what he wants. You should be inspired by the picture of the future where your goal has been fulfilled. If there is no inspiration, then the goal was chosen incorrectly.

Ask yourself if you made one of these mistakes when forming the goal ? If not, then I can congratulate you – Your goal has been found.

If you think that the most difficult is yet to come, then I hasten to please you – the most We have already overcome a difficult stage . Many people have been “wandering” through life for years, or even decades, unable to understand themselves and what they really want. If you succeed, if you really feel that achieving your goal will help you become truly happy, then this is a huge step forward. Now you need to focus on turning your goal into an action plan and achieving it, and for this I have prepared a separate article for you.


Never forget that for a person the real enemies are his own vices and moral ailments: despair, laziness and lack of desire to think about prospects. Remember, finding your goals in life is pretty easy, but many people don’t pay enough attention to it. You just need to make some effort, do not stop moving in the chosen direction until the end point is reached. Believe in your strengths and capabilities, that your goal is already close, all that remains is to reach out to it!