How to change yourself: 50 golden tips

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There are thousands of recommendations on the topic: how to change yourself. To save you time, we have collected the most valuable of these tips in one article, dividing them into 7 most important areas of life. Ready to start working on yourself? Then let’s start.

1. Purposefulness and success

Set goals and strive to achieve them. To confidently move towards success, its criteria must be clearly articulated. Therefore, you should always have a goal in front of you: precise, understandable, important and achievable.

Make at least slight progress every day . If you don’t know how to change yourself for the better, remember that even small progress is better than marking time. Just make sure you are at least one step closer to your goal every evening.

Wake up early . Almost all people are most productive in the morning (even “owls”). Waking up early gives you the chance to get most of your work done by lunchtime.

Make a plan for the day . Having collected tasks in the form of a convenient list, it is more convenient to manage time and spend it as intended.

Prioritize . Among the actual goals there are always those, the achievement of which is of the greatest importance. They should be given maximum attention.

Live for today . Our life consists of a limited number of days, and everyone should be appreciated. Immersed in dreams, many people live days and years, depriving themselves of little momentary joys.

Watch out for appearance . Many people are careless about their appearance, believing that self-care is a waste of time. Always keep your clothes clean, tidy and well ironed.

How to change yourself: 50 golden tips

2. Correct settings

Start the day with a smile . There is a two-way connection between mood and facial expressions. A smile not only indicates a good mood, but also quite capable of raising it.

Get rid of oppressive problems . Sometimes we postpone solving problems, considering them insignificant. But they are constantly in the memory and spoil the mood, so they need to be solved as quickly as possible. Pick the most depressing problem right now, come up with 10 possible solutions, pick the best and go for it!

Don’t think about the mistakes of the past . You can’t look back for a long time. A person seeking to change himself should only look forward.

Be grateful . Feeling grateful is one of the most important skills of successful people. Only by knowing how to see and appreciate what he has can a person be truly happy.

Do good deeds . This is an easy way to feel your own worth and receive positive emotions in the form of gratitude.

Accept what cannot be fixed . There is no need to waste energy on empty experiences. Just accept circumstances beyond your control.

3. Self-development

Read more books . It is enough to read one book a week to read a hundred in 2 years. Most people read less in their entire life. But on the path of self-development, it is stupid to equalize with the majority.

Increase your competitiveness . There is a certain amount of competition in every area of ​​our life. And if you intend to get only the best from life, learn to be competitive in everything.

Develop character, intelligence and important skills . It is necessary to pay attention to the development of important skills on a daily basis. By practicing purposefully, you can greatly change yourself for the better and cope with most weaknesses.

Learn English . The most valuable documentation, scientific research results, textbooks on modern technologies – all this is published mainly in English. More than 1 billion people are fluent in this language. Today, English is a must for anyone who strives to develop, reads books and regularly searches for important information.

Self-study . In the post-Soviet space, the belief is widespread that a person does not need to study after graduation. In Western countries, the concept “Life-long education” prevails. People from school are instilled with the belief that it is necessary to study independently, without stopping to develop after receiving a diploma.

Broaden your horizons . Try new things constantly, have unusual experiences, try to avoid routine. This will not only allow you to become a versatile person, but also not to lose interest in life.

Do not watch TV . The reasons are quite obvious.

Learn touch typing . Learning to type blindly can help you better manage your own time. It is also worth learning hotkeys to help speed up your work with your computer.

Look for new acquaintances . Meeting people is easy. You can find many reasons and reasons to make new acquaintances almost every day. This will allow you to develop communication skills, and at the same time find friends, mentors or clients. Avoiding dating and socializing is one of the biggest stupid things people do.

Expand your vocabulary . Write out new words heard or read, find their meanings, memorize and try to apply in communication. This will make speech more literate and beautiful.

Face your fears . We are all afraid of something, and this interferes with enjoying life. Look for ways to reduce your fears by overcoming and eradicating them.

Get out of your comfort zone . Among the recommendations on how to change oneself, this one sounds more often than others, but this only emphasizes its fairness. The well-known principle “No pain – no development” is applicable not only to sports, but also to personal growth. Only work leads to development.

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4. Health and Sports

Drink clean water . All vital processes in our body require a constant supply of clean water. The well-known recommendation to drink at least 2 liters of water daily is connected with this. Keep in mind that you need to drink evenly throughout the day. Also, be sure to drink a glass of water before breakfast and before bedtime.

Watch your diet . It is quite easy to improve the quality of your diet. Make sure it contains at least 5 different vegetables and 5 different fruits per week. Make breakfast light but high in calories (omelet, oatmeal, or a side dish of meat are great). Lunch should be the most satisfying, and dinner should be light and low in calories.

Exercise daily . You can go to the gym 2-3 times and do a grueling workout there, but regular exercise is no substitute. Make a charge yadku, go jogging, sign up for the pool. Light physical activity should be present daily.

Keep your teeth healthy . The quality of life is highly dependent on the condition of the oral cavity. Because of sick teeth, the quality of nutrition is disturbed, and poorly chewed food is less digested and absorbed. If you have tooth decay or other diseases, treat them and prevent them from developing in the future. Brush your teeth twice a day, use dental floss and mouthwash, and have a dental check-up every six months.

Get enough sleep . We often skimp on sleep at night, believing that we cannot afford to waste time on it. But a person who has not slept well thinks and acts more slowly, and the quality of his decisions is noticeably deteriorating. To be healthy and effective, sleep at least 7 hours daily.

Do not eat before bed . A full stomach significantly impairs sleep quality. Therefore, you should have dinner 3-4 hours before going to bed so that the food has time to be digested. Read about which 12 foods you can’t eat for dinner in this article.

Take a walk in the fresh air . Walking to work is helpful if the distance is reasonable. A half-hour walk is a good load on the cardiovascular system and a great opportunity to enrich the blood with oxygen.

5. Personal finance

Create a personal reserve fund . It is necessary to have an amount available that will allow, if necessary, to calmly look for a new job, without grabbing the first offer that comes across. The “Stability Fund” should be such that it will last for six months of a normal life.

Make the decision to become a wealthy person . To change yourself, it is important to radically change your attitude towards money. This implies that from now on you will earn, store and spend money in such a way as to ensure you complete financial independence.

Save 10% of your income . This advice is necessary for people who are used to spending everything they earn. Even if the income is small, the difference between 90% and 100% will be negligible. But from the deposited 10%, the amount will gradually accumulate, sufficient for an important expensive purchase. It is best to save them on a long-term deposit account.

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Keep track of expenses . We constantly spend small amounts on small trinkets and unnecessary things. Once you start keeping records, you may find that you are wasting about 30% of your income. By eliminating unnecessary expenses, you can improve your own financial situation, regardless of the initial level of income and other conditions.

Avoid spontaneous purchases . People tend to make impulsive purchases when they see a new product or promotion in a store, and then regret it. Always give yourself 24 hours to think about a major purchase.

6. Emotional harmony

Smile often . Smiling improves mood and well-being, and others intuitively sympathize with the smiling person.

Don’t be overconfident . Most people tend to consider themselves right at all times. But a constructively thinking person understands that everyone is wrong. Therefore, he always considers the possibility that his point of view is wrong.

Endure difficulties with courage . The world is not perfect and everyone gets into trouble. Do not be discouraged and do not waste energy, but learn to perceive your own failures as a valuable experience, allowing you not to repeat mistakes in the future.

Rejoice everyone achievement . Our brains have a dopamine reward system that improves mood when we feel like we are successful. By deliberately stimulating her with every small achievement, it is easy to train yourself to be a successful person.

Don’t make excuses . Having made a mistake, we try to explain this act to ourselves and others. But if you are looking for an effective way to change yourself for the better, start by admitting your own mistakes.

Do not argue with loved ones . Maintaining a good relationship is more important than being right.

7. Controlling your time

Don’t put off anything . Any important business should be done immediately, without coming up with a reason to postpone it. Only after a good job can you afford to rest.

Set a deadline for any job . This approach allows you to work with concentration and not be distracted, thanks to which your efficiency will increase significantly.

Concentrate on one thing . Multitasking and productivity are incompatible. By doing one thing, you can significantly increase your efficiency.

Remember and consider the Pareto principle . It states that 80% of the outcome depends on 20% of the actions. Every person who devotes time to self-development knows about the existence of this pattern. Learn to find the 20% most important actions and give them maximum attention.

Use modern technology . The smartphone can become a faithful assistant or “time eater”. Learn to use it as a tool for solving problems with maximum efficiency.

Think not about the problem, but think about the solution . Thinking about the problem and the consequences is enough to pay 10% of attention, the remaining 90% should be spent on finding a solution.

Use the “rule of 3 minutes” . If the case requires less than 3 minutes to resolve, do it now.


You don’t need to spend a lot of time looking for an answer to the question: how to change yourself … Start doing this. Everything you need to start the path to change and transformation is collected in this article.