How to become the best version of yourself: 10 easy steps

Greetings, friends!

Each person has a potential for development, but not everyone is ready to purposefully work on themselves. Someone lacks motivation, and someone simply does not understand what opportunities for self-improvement are open to him. Today we will talk about how to become the best version of ourselves, improving daily in the most important directions.

Even a small effort is enough to improve health, improve physical fitness, become smarter, more pleasant and more interesting for others. Write down and follow the 10 tips from this article every day, and pretty soon you will become better in all areas of life that we work with. Let’s start!

1. Do good deeds

This is one of the most important steps on the path of self-improvement. Selfless help to others, including complete strangers, allows you to look at the world differently and fill the surrounding reality with positive emotions.

Do good in any convenient situation. For example, if you see a girl on the street with heavy bags, do not hesitate to offer help. Or, for example, make it a rule to give things that you don’t wear to help those in need.

How to become the best version of yourself: 10 easy steps

2. Learn to say “No!”

This rule does not contradict the previous one. If you develop a reputation for being kind and helpful, there will be those who will try to take advantage of it. To protect yourself, learn to competently refuse too intrusive people.

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3. Start setting goals for yourself

Motivation is the best locomotive on the path of self-improvement. Setting and achieving goals is one of the best ways to motivate yourself. Keep in mind that goals must have properties such as:

  • Concreteness . It is necessary to understand exactly what you are striving for. Goals like “I want to get rich” don’t work.
  • Measurability . There should be an assessment criterion that makes it possible to unequivocally say that the goal has been achieved.
  • Reachability . Don’t confuse goals with pipe dreams.
  • Deadline A tight timeline is good discipline.

If the goal meets the requirements listed above, its achievement will become a powerful motivator for continuing self-development.

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4. Find positive in everything

To be happy, you need to feel that way. The ability to find positive in any event is a great skill for a person striving to be happy. Remind yourself that even unpleasant blows of fate provide valuable experience. This will allow you to perceive all events with gratitude. People who have such a talent by nature or have learned it are much happier in everyday life.

Practice shows that even a person prone to negative experiences can develop a positive attitude in himself in 2-3 months. Start looking for the positive in every event that happens, and after a short period of time you will feel a significant difference. The main thing is not to lose patience.

5. Leave failures in the past

Many people tend to worry about past mistakes and failures, wasting energy and time on the process. Remember that even the most successful people on the planet occasionally suffer failures, but they know how to deal with them and immediately continue working. Sometimes mistakes can help you find valuable ideas or even significantly increase your own productivity.

6. Read

Reading books develops a person in several directions at once:

  • vocabulary expands;
  • logical thinking develops;
  • concentration increases;
  • memory and imagination develop.

Reading, a person inevitably develops, along the way learning a lot of new things about how to become the best version of yourself. And do not forget that it is always more pleasant to communicate with a regularly reading person. For many interesting tips on how to train yourself to read, read a separate article.

7. Introduce time management into your life

Many people want to improve control over their own time by scheduling things and setting tight deadlines. But in practice, this approach is not used by everyone. Time management is not just a useful habit, but a whole science that needs to be learned. This will require a good book, course, or training. But the knowledge gained will significantly optimize life , significantly increasing their own efficiency due to competent planning of affairs, as well as a clear division of work and personal time.

eight. Get new impressions

Perhaps the recommendation to leave your comfort zone will seem banal to many. But this is a great way to “stir” yourself up and prepare you for big things. Try to often do things that seem extreme to you. Jump with a parachute or go to the mountains, do unusual sports, sign up for a sports section. There are many ways to get out of your comfort zone and gain valuable experience.

9. Look for new images

Experimenting with your own appearance, you can get valuable experience and a lot of interesting emotions. Change your style, hairstyle, clothes and gait, come up with an unusual gesture or manner of movement. Experiments like these make the brain work intensively, adjusting to new circumstances, and this has a positive effect on its tone.

Perhaps you will find an interesting image that will tell you how to become the best version of yourself in terms of appearance. You can take an example from a popular celebrity or the hero of your favorite movie. It is not necessary to imitate in everything, you can choose only the best external qualities of the character.

10. Love yourself

A person may be selfish and strive to benefit from everything, but loving yourself is different. It is much easier for someone who truly loves himself to give up bad habits and start playing sports. Self-love forces you to do exactly those things that are beneficial, and not those that you want.

Remind yourself daily that you love yourself by speaking these words thoughtfully and realizing the responsibility for them. By combining this habit with the nine tips listed above, you will have a clear understanding of what self-improvement efforts are for.


To become the best version of yourself, you have to work hard. By making daily efforts in this direction, you will become better. In some areas, growth will be 1% per day, in others – 0.1%. With methodical work on yourself, the result at the end of the year may seem simply fantastic.

Decide right now in which directions you want to develop, and start self-improvement without wasting a day. Arranging correctly at oritety, in a few months you will become a more interesting person for those around you and will be able to live a bright and eventful life. The main thing is to take the first step and not stop.