Green Quartz Healing Properties


Quartz is a very common mineral. It forms by silica particles and can find in sediments of metamorphic and igneous rocks. This stone abounds in acidic magmatic rocks such as granite, diorites, quartzite, among others. They do characterize by having a hard and resistant surface by supporting the atmospheric processes that arise. You will know about Green quartz healing properties.

Its green color is distinctive, and in addition to being named green quartz, it is called Green Venturine or Prasiolite. There is quartz of different colors, pink, violet, indigo, white, etc.

Like many precious and semi-precious stones, green quartz has healing properties, improving muscle coordination and protection from intestinal disorders. Added to this are the stimulation of memory and the extinction of muscle fatigue after exercise.

What is green quartz?

The green quartz or Prasiolite is as well known. It is a mineral that needs a heat treatment to obtain this color—generally, the yellow or orange amethyst subjects to heat to become green quartz.

The name Prasiolita comes from the Greek “Praso,” which means leek; that is why this stone means chive green stone.

Characteristics of green quartz

  • It characterizes by being inorganic quartz, macrocrystalline, and belonging to the group of oxides.
  • It consists of the irregular placement of the sheets.
  • When subjected to pressure, it releases its piezoelectric properties.
  • They have a hardness between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs table.
  • Due to its composition, it is capable of scratching glass and steel.
  • To enhance its color, it needs to subject to heat.
  • Its tones can be golden or deep green.
  • Its healing properties are very effective
  • It is present on all continents of the world.
  • Mixing titanium iron lithium, sodium or potassium can degenerate the green quartz stone.

Types of green quartz

Green quartz has different colors. You can find more clear and transparent, raw quartz, emerald, dark, water green, mint green. There are different shades and ranges of quartz. These enhance its beauty and improve its use.

Green quartz can manifest in two different types of structure:

  • Quartz α (alpha): quartz can low when its composition is trigonal, and it can expose to a maximum temperature of 572 ° C.
  • Β quartz (beta) is known as high quartz and can subject to temperatures higher than 573 ° C. It originates in a hexagonal way.

Quartz colors

Each quartz has different functionality, properties, and meanings.

Transparent: it is in charge of attracting positive energies.

White: attracts peace and purifies places.

Smoked: improves spiritual development.

Rosa improves love and harmony.

Blue: attracts tranquility and calm.

Green: it uses as an amulet of prosperity and hope.

Purple: it is important for meditation and spirituality.

Colors or multicolor quartz: it is capable of promoting well-being and creativity.

Meaning of green quartz

Green quartz is associated with fortune. For this reason, many users know it as the stone of the players. However, this stone uses to improve both mental and physical health. The energy of this stone helps neutralize radiation from electronic devices.

This wonderful green stone strengthens the chakras of the heart and helps to discipline children, neutralize our negative thoughts and elevate the state of the spirit.

Where can we find these stones?

The green quartz is not obtained naturally as the rest of quartz. To obtain it, the amethyst needs to subject to heat treatments, after which the green quartz stone obtainess. Currently, most green quartz is present combined with amethyst stones.

Its main deposits are present in Madagascar, the United States, China, Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa, Germany, Spain, France, Japan, and Austria.

Properties of green quartz

It should note that green quartz contains many properties, including healing, energy, mystical. Its power helps improve physical and mental health, as well as helping to strengthen our cardiovascular system.

 It helps us balance our emotions and delicate situations of the economic type. It recommends using this stone as an accessory since you can always carry it with you and attract those good energies.

In conclusion, this quartz is responsible for stimulating concentration and bringing total tranquility to the body and mind, fostering spiritual development, confidence, and creativity. It also promotes individuality and personal security.

Healing properties:

  • It is capable of regulating the cardiovascular system.
  • Coordination increases.
  • Reduces fatigue when exercising.
  • Decreases muscle pain.
  • Stimulates memory and concentration
  • It helps to improve intestinal and stomach disorders.
  • It uses to heal burns and regenerate the skin.
  • Also, it promotes emotional and mental firmness.
  • It helps to strengthen relationships (with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances).
  • It helps improve economic power and financial stability.
  • Reduces stress levels
  • It provides strength and stability.
  • It strengthens the spirit and enriches the soul.
  • Provide confidence.
  • It is responsible for stimulating patience and tranquility.

Energy properties:

Mystical properties

This stone is known for attracting luck. Therefore it is used by people who are fond of gambling. She is also known for helping improve financial management.

Green Quartz Healing Properties

Learn how to recharge energetically and how to clean this stone

Green quartz cleaning is the same as that used in other types of quartz. Its cleaning is simple. You should only take saltwater or seawater, and immerse the stone in it, leave it for 10 minutes and after finishing the time, rinse with normal warm water.

Having carried out this procedure, the stone will be completely clean and ready to be loaded. To take all the energy, the quartz must be left overnight in the moonlight, preferably during a new moon, so that it absorbs more energy and light.

This stone can also charge in sunlight, but it is important to remember that charges should not sandwich. That is, you either expose it to sunlight or let it carry the moonlight.

What is green quartz for?

Prasiolite is used to relieve muscle aches and pains. In the gematria, it widely uses to carry out medicinal treatments that calm the ailments. Many athletes acquire this stone as it improves their performance and helps them reduce fatigue after training or competing.

This stone is not only responsible for relieving physical pain but also for decreasing internal discomfort. That is, it helps to relax intestinal muscles. It is also capable of increasing memory.

How is green quartz used?

Green quartz has a large number of healing properties. For this reason, it usually places on areas that cause discomfort. The stone must have contact with the skin or be very close to the body.

It uses in different activities. It can see on optical instruments, ornaments, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. Generally, those people who use it as a spiritual spirit put the stone somewhere in the home to release their energies.

Use in Gemoterapia

It is undoubtedly one of the most widely used gem therapy stones to treat skin, eye, and gum disorders. Likewise, it also applies to urinary disorders and hemorrhoids.

The most common way to use green quartz in therapy is rough, which is the cheapest way to find it. Although, it frequently uses in the form of polished or carved stone, pyramid, wand, ball, egg, or obelisk.

Macerated in water for a few days, this green stone uses to make purifying elixirs for the skin and the urinary tract.

In South America, the Indians believe that the gods of the jungle were in the green stone. Although we do not have that pantheistic view of nature, we can understand that this stone negatively affects us when we are in a forest.

Green quartz considers a male and female mineral. It means that during the day, it has energetic and revitalizing properties. Instead, at night it helps us purify ourselves physically and emotionally.

In western occultism, green quartz associates with the planets Mercury and Pluto. The most related zodiac signs with this stone change depending on the author. These are Leo, Scorpio, Virgo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Gemini, Libra, and Virgo.

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Tips for choosing your green quartz mineral

Whether you are buying a stone online or in a physical mineral store, make sure it is trustworthy.

There are numerous green stones such as nephrite, amazonite, or Prasio quartz that also have a greenish hue and that in some cases can be confused.

If you want a stone for your energy work, you should go to an establishment where you can touch it and feel it. 

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