crystals for motivation

Energies and crystals

This selection of crystals comes from my personal collection. The stones and crystals are alive, it is important to keep this in mind when you are around them. They naturally radiate what they are, and we can, depending on our sensitivity, consciously resonate with the message they are spreading. We will tell you about crystals for motivation.

Of a pale turquoise blue, the aquamarine is transparent like sea water. Supposed to protect sailors, it also protects and accompanies spiritual seekers by helping them to relate to their divine nature. She supports all the transformation processes. Its energy stimulates the intellect, stabilizes the emotions, helps to develop confidence and assertiveness. It relieves emotional tension and fear, calms thoughts. It facilitates understanding, communication, tolerance and compassion.
It is effective for the throat, jaws, teeth and allergies.

The amazonite is a blue stone striped with white. It strengthens the feeling of inner power, stimulates sincerity, truth, intuition. On the 3rd eye, it promotes mediumship, prophetic visions. It makes it possible to harmoniously balance the intellect and intuition, thanks to the support of the energy of love. It strengthens faith and allows us to open up to trust in intuition to make decisions.
Amazonite strengthens the central nervous system, and can be used to help assimilate calcium, bone or dental problems.

Composed of purple or purple quartz crystals, the amethyst has a high power of protection against negative energies. Its energy purifies the body, the spirit and the places of life. She is an ally in the processes of inner transformation and change of level of consciousness. It helps to develop intuition but also common sense. It brings calm and inner peace, it helps restore balance in case of stress. It is recommended for meditation and in a room to regain sleep. It is a stone with a high healing power, it develops a positive vision of situations.
It is effective for problems related to bones, ears, it calms headaches and helps to cure alcoholism.

The apatite are several colors. Blue apatitis is associated with communication, throat, intellect and speech (stuttering, language problems). It is used to promote self-confidence, expression of thought, listening and understanding. It can be used to energize motivation and creativity, clarify the intellect, stimulate the centers of knowledge. It strengthens intuition.
Apatite is used to soothe emotions, calm nervousness and hypertension. In essence, it would help calm anger.

Discovered for the first time in the province of Aragon in Spain where its name comes from, aragonite is a crystal with various colors: transparent, blue, purple, yellow or brown.
Its energy makes it possible to connect to the earth and to take root. It promotes inner calm and helps restore tone in the event of chronic fatigue. Its radiation diffuses heat throughout the body.
It is effective against muscle cramps and spasms and for bone fragility problems.

Dark green, light green, but also red, brown or gray, the aventurine is crossed by fragments of mica which give it golden reflections. Aventurine is used to balance the heart and heal ailments. His energy promotes the expression of feelings, creativity and develops the entrepreneurial spirit. It balances the feminine and masculine energies. It is soothing and calming, especially when the heart is racing in fear or panic, but also in case of depression or lack of optimism. It promotes emotional healing and develops unconditional love. It protects against psychological vampirization, and frees old and current psychological problems. It is effective for the heart, lungs, muscles, skin problems, eczema, acne.

The azurite consists of blue crystals, which can be much larger than the photo-cons. Azurite opens a door on the subconscious, the “door of the heavens”, it helps us to remember the dreams and supports us during our transformations of consciousness. It promotes concentration and clarity of mind, as well as inner visions. It reinforces serenity and helps to make decisions. It stimulates intuition and creativity.
It is used to relieve joint problems, asthma. It restores and stimulates the circulation of energy.

The chalcedony is a blue stone, transparent. It also exists in pink or red color. It is the stone of harmonious human relationships, it promotes the free expression of each, listening, kindness and tolerance. It is the stone of travelers, it would be used to facilitate the learning of foreign languages. It is a good memory stimulant. It is the stone of speakers, excellent for chasing shyness, it loosens the word. It spreads sadness, anger, and soothes sorrows.
It is used to improve blood circulation, reduce hot flashes, cleanse toxins, but also in case of nightmares, illusions.

The orange calcite is stimulating. It can be used to boost self-esteem, develop optimism and enthusiasm.
It is an energizing, encouraging stone that brings joy. It is used to restore good relationships between people, to develop creativity, to unleash the potential present in everyone.

The Celestine or celestite is a stone pale, transparent blue. It is found in the United States, Egypt or Madagascar. The stone in the photo is from Madagascar. It has soothing properties, promoting softness, calm and sleep. It is also called the stone of the angels. It would promote communication with the subtle planes and meditation, as well as communication between human beings.

Composed of lead carbonate, cerusite is a very heavy stone, it strengthens the anchoring to the earth. It strengthens concentration and memory, and helps to carry out projects in a concrete way. It helps to keep your feet on the ground and to take into account the constraints of the material. It promotes internal stability and helps to become aware of our own density.
It is used to protect against radiation and negative energies.

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The chiastolite is a variety of andalusite, whose crystals arranged perpendicularly forming a cross darker. Its properties naturally correspond to this particularity: it is a stone of anchoring, of incarnation, of centering. It allows you to find a balance between the mental and the emotional. It allows you to consider all the facets of a situation in order to better adapt to it.
It is used in cases of rheumatism, circulatory problems, and to stimulate lactation.

Very beautiful stone of a deep green and turquoise blue, the chrysocolla strengthens relationships and improves our ability to love. Its energy helps to develop inner strength, stimulates psychic capacities, develops intuition. It helps us to forgive ourselves and others, to free ourselves from bitterness and guilt. It strengthens inner peace and serenity. It soothes anxiety, irritability and nervousness, trauma.
It calms ulcers and relieves digestive problems, painful periods, osteoarthritis, burns, fever and allergies.

crystals for motivation

Like all yellow stones, citrine stimulates energies. It is the stone of mind and intellect, it helps to keep ideas clear, to focus and to have a good memory. It allows you to keep hoping and achieve your goals. Linked to the heart chakra, citrine strengthens willpower, self-esteem and assertiveness. It is the stone of abundance (you can keep a splash of citrine in your wallet!).
Citrine is detoxifying, mainly for the liver, but also for the digestive organs. It promotes tissue regeneration and improves blood circulation.

The fluorite or fluorite is a transparent stone that are different colors from pale blue to green through the purple. Fluorite is known for its properties on the mind, it stimulates the intellect and strengthens the researchers’ concentration. It is the stone of geniuses, it promotes creativity, stimulates the circulation of energy in the brain. It helps to make decisions, find the path to truth, and structure thinking.
It is used to protect the body from bacterial or viral infections, to purify the body, balance the hormonal system. It would be beneficial for bones and teeth.

The photo shows a fluorite octahedron from China . It is supposed to clarify the mind and help to have a clear mind. It soothes the mind through a dissolving action on the emotions.

The labradorite is gray or blue with blue and green pearly sheen. It is a protective stone especially for therapists and caregivers. It absorbs and deflects unwanted negative emotions and energies, protects and maintains the clarity of the aura. Its energy helps to regenerate and develop patience and perseverance. It promotes self-healing, deepens self-knowledge and allows us to discover our destiny. It improves intuition, memory and expression of feelings.
It can be used to relieve problems of vertebrae and blood circulation.

The lapis lazuli is a blue dotted with golden intense bursts of iron pyrite, as a starry sky. It is a stone of protection against negative energies, which helps to attract sympathy. It brings courage, peace of mind, calmness and clarity in thoughts. It enhances inner vision and reveals the truth, providing access to sacred mysteries. She develops inspiration, clairvoyance and creativity.
It strengthens the respiratory tract, throat and lungs, it is effective for skin and hair problems.

The lepidolite is of the family of quartz, it has a lamellar structure in which light is reflected. It is pale pink to purple in color. It is the stone of transitions. It helps to become aware of old behavior patterns and to change them gently and optimistically. She supports during periods of depression, and encourages an open attitude. It promotes honesty, openness and friendship.
It stimulates neural connections, soothes cramps and stress. It is used for muscle problems of the thighs and back.

The magnetite or lodestone is a stone octahedral shape. With its natural electromagnetic polarization + -, it is connected to the earth and helps to circulate energy from the root chakra to the upper chakras. It facilitates meditation and telepathy, and builds confidence in intuition. This stone has the properties of a magnet, it should be avoided by those who wear a pacemaker.
It is used to restore well-being and warmth in the body, and also for back or blood circulation problems.

Malachite is green in color due to the copper it contains, a detoxifying stone. It charges easily and should be cleaned often. It is a stone of transformation, which helps to detach from guilt. It is associated with the heart chakra, it relieves emotional problems, it soothes old suffering and promotes spiritual evolution. It helps maintain a clear mind and achieve the goals set.
It is used to absorb pain in case of injury or infection, for kidney, circulatory, respiratory problems, osteoarthritis and to purify the body.

The black obsidian is black with gray veins. The darker it is, the more powerful its energy is, it reveals hidden things by bringing them to light and gives access to knowledge and spirituality. We associate it with the 3rd eye and clairvoyance. Its power is very great, it must be used prudently and with respect and seriousness. It gives access to our inner truth and opens a door to the world of the unconscious, without making gifts. It can be used for anchoring to the ground and for protection.
It is used to improve the circulation of energy and cervical osteoarthritis.

The Obsidian Heavenly Eye is a black, opaque, shiny stone. It is a powerful stone that is linked to the quest for absolute, truth and conscience. It pushes us to see our true being, and can be of great support during a journey of introspection and self-knowledge. It increases self control which allows you to get to the bottom of yourself and free yourself from the conditioning and lies that you have about yourself. The celestial eye is the eye of the spirit, the divine eye, the pure vision of consciousness. It makes it possible to develop objectivity, to see the reality of what is.
We use the celestial eye to protect ourselves, but also in case of eye problems, depression.

The tiger eye is a protective stone that returns negative intentions to their recipients. His energy gives courage, strength, optimism. It is associated with the solar plexus, it balances the emotions and stimulates the will. It promotes concentration. It is a stone that you can carry with you, it protects from the evil eye and from poverty. In the house, the tiger eye can be placed at the entrances, in order to ward off negative energies. The tiger’s eye helps connect to the earth.
It is effective for eye, joint and respiratory problems, legs and knees, it soothes muscle cramps and asthma.

The moonstone is a milky white stone, more or less transparent with iridescent reflections. It is the stone of femininity, of fertility. It stimulates imagination, intuition, mediumship. It can be used to develop psychic and prophetic gifts. It is a calming and soothing stone, its feminine Yin energy soothes people who are too active and willing. It helps regulate sleep and sleep quality, especially in children with nightmares. Its energy increases with the full moon, so be careful to use it sparingly.
Rather, it is associated with the abdomen and the female genitals. It is used in case of menstruation problems or hormonal imbalances.

Originally from Africa, the Prehnite takes its name from the Dutch commander Hendrik Von Prehn (1733-1785). Pale opalescent green, this stone has the particularity of crystallizing into spheres. The stone in the photo is natural and not cut.
It is associated with the will and the heart, it strengthens intuition and improves inner knowledge.
It is used for vision and meditation, it stimulates the Ajna chakra.
It is used for the kidneys and bladder, chest and lungs.

The iron pyrites is gold or silver, it was called “fool’s gold” because those who were thought to have discovered gold nuggets! It is a stone of incarnation and anchoring, linked to the material and concrete world. It supports builders, builders and all those who need strength, as well as those who are going through periods of discouragement or exhaustion. It protects against negative energies which it keeps at a distance. She develops love and friendship.
At the physical level, it can be used to relieve respiratory, digestive, and blood circulation problems. It strengthens the bones and the immune system.

The rose quartz is calming and soothing. In a bedroom, it improves the quality of sleep. It is the stone of love, tenderness, gentleness, forgiveness, comfort and joy, it helps to heal sorrows, wounds and emotional blockages. It soothes the nervousness of children and adults. Rose quartz can be used to stimulate creativity, and also to create a serene atmosphere around you in the house.
It can be used for problems related to the heart and arteries, ringing in the ears and to relieve stress.

The rutile quartz is a variety of transparent quartz with fine gold inclusions. It filters negative energies and removes fears, brakes or barriers that arise on the spiritual journey. It calms phobias, anxiety and sadness. It harmonizes the circulation of energy in the body, relieves depression and promotes meditation.
It is used for cell regeneration and in case of heart weakness. It cleanses the body, especially in case of smoking cessation.

The Shungite is a matte black stone. Raw, it leaves black marks on the fingers, like coal. In Russia, where it originated, the water in which shungite was immersed was used to relieve illnesses. This water has the property of absorbing the impurities of the water and therefore those of the body; it is energizing and can be used for skin care.
Shungite is mainly used to neutralize electromagnetic waves.
Shungite never charges negatively, it helps the energy body to densify and the immune system to strengthen. In a room, shungite nourishes an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

Blue, more or less gray, sodalite balances intuitive perception and logical reflection. Thus it allows us to follow through on our ideas and make our ideals a reality. It is an excellent support during meditations, but also for those who use rational, technical and mathematical thinking. It helps develop confidence and self-esteem and better communicate our point of view.
It is used to balance yin and yang, the lymphatic system and to soothe throat and hypertension problems.

The tourmaline also called schorl is a black stone opaque glaze. It is the most common stone of the Tourmaline family. It is used to take root in the ground, especially during lithotherapy treatments. It is known to harmonize vibrational energies and neutralize the waves emitted by wifi, mobile phones or static electricity from computers or television sets. You can keep it on you to benefit from its protective properties.
It is used in case of fears, anxieties or obsessions, and to develop emotional stability.

The brown tourmaline from Nepal also called dravite is a dark brown, smoky and transparent stone in contact with light. Dravite has the ability to transmute energy into a vibration that cleanses and purifies. It conducts spiritual energy to the earth, balances the energy of the chakras and forms a protective psychic shield. It is considered a mental healer, it harmonizes the circulation between the hemispheres of the brain as well as the feminine and masculine energies. Dravite is an anchor, it stimulates team spirit and cooperation, strengthens empathy.
It is used in cases of intestinal disorders and skin diseases.

The turquoise is a blue-green stone, more or less clear with brown inclusions. It is a stone of protection against negativity, against accidents and intrusions. It helps regulate the nervous system and emotions. It soothes anger, promotes communication and stimulates affection and friendship. It stimulates the gift of divination, prevents catastrophes.
It is used in case of respiratory ailments, sore throats, migraines and eye problems. It is an excellent detoxifier of the body.

The vanadinite is made crystal color red to orange-brown. It stimulates activity and makes it possible to carry out long and laborious tasks. It is related to the sexual energy it awakens. It helps to accept incarnation and existence in a physical body.
It is used in the event of a drop in energy, and at the time of menopause to support the transformations due to hormonal changes.
Vanadinite should not be absorbed because it contains a poison. She also fears water and light.

The zoisite with ruby is a stone of transformation. It helps to let go of the anger that one maintains towards oneself, and to regain self-love. It gives the strength to go ahead and abandon old patterns of behavior. It helps to strengthen self-awareness, individuality, in order to be able to live better in relation to others. It helps us to let go of the packaging, it promotes autonomy and independence.
It is used for fertility problems and problems related to the female and male genital organs.

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