Crystals For Baby Blessing


Minerals from the beginning of humanity

In ancient Egypt (-5000 years ago), in antiquity, we found amulets, necklaces set with stones and embedded in ritual and religious objects. These minerals in polished forms, beads, or cabochons are fine and precious stones such as Lapis-Lazuli, turquoise from Iran, glyptic agates, pearls, and shell mother-of-pearl as currency. (see blog articles). Here, you will know about the crystals for baby blessing.

So minerals are also present in our ancient myths and traditions like plants and millennial Ayurvedic medicine.

What energy features do minerals have?

The minerals contain within them a clean and very specific crystal structure. This structure is an enigma for our scientists. Certainly, we know how to reproduce based on a crystallized germ, a mineral variety such as corundum (ruby, sapphire), in synthetic corundum.

Crystals and synthetic stones have no virtues. The whole secret is in the natural creation of the very formation of these crystals.

In its great wisdom, Nature brings the intangible “quantium,” which by miracle confers on natural minerals, all their beautiful potentials. We then speak of virtues, lithotherapy, “the power of stones.” The “chakras” are, in fact, the visual representation of our energy centers corresponding to all our energy bodies. The crystals are directly connected, by affinity, to all of our energy centers. 

Without having developed your feelings, your perceptions, all of this remains invisible to us. It does not mean that it does not exist. Is radioactivity visible to us? No, yet it is very present and can even be fatal. Our discernment is therefore called upon here. It’s essential.

Why use caution for children?

The vibration of a mineral adapts to its wearer.

As soon as one accepts personal choice to carry a mineral on oneself, the work is done without mind, without emotion, without particular belief, the work accomplish.

This work, of a vibratory nature, directly impacts all of our constituted energy bodies. It is still necessary that all of these bodies be constituted, finished, ready to function!

You should know that our energetic bodies follow their growth somewhat like our societies. Our adolescents become adults in France at 18 years of age. It is the legal majority. In subtle realities, with rare exceptions, the maturity and complete growth of vibratory bodies occur between 18 and 24 years of age.

The answer is there: our children, as their young physical bodies indicate, their energy bodies are also under construction.

The perfect minerals in their construction and in the direction of their evolution over time are aimed at people who have also finished their physical and energetic growth. More clearly, they are suitable for adults and not suitable for children.

We market birthstones based on the birth sign. These crystals, chosen and cited in the Old Testament, have a strong energy potential, suitable for each sign of the zodiac as adults and not as children.  

What stones for babies, children?

Fortunately, Nature is well done and has thought of our children.

To our knowledge, three stones are suitable, without danger, for babies, young children, and adolescents. With these crystals there, you are not mistaken. These minerals are in perfect harmony with the training bodies of children and pre-adults.

Rose quartz :

Indispensable rose quartz, in abundance on earth, mainly in Madagascar and Brazil, ensures its support of Love and Compassion.

Here are some keywords on these energetic properties:

– True mineral of Unconditional Love: “Pamper yourself,” “get Lover,” “pamper yourself.”

– Opening of the heart center, “It is the path of least resistance …”.

– Great protection over time, protects from nightmares. – Rare crystals also suitable for babies and children (To put under the pillow).

– According to J. Hall in lithotherapy: used for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and senile dementia.

Unheated natural amber :

Amber is not a mineral but an organic, biological substance. It is a fossilized natural plant resin over 100 million years old! To wear as a necklace for babies if possible unheated. Also possible in unheated natural raw crude under the pillow for quiet nights.

Here are some key words about these energy properties:

– Instill gentle, soothing solar energy continuously.

– Connected to Mother Earth (anchoring).

– According to J. Hall in lithotherapy: Purifier of energetic bodies and the physical body.

Le Péridot :

Very nice green mineral variety, becoming rare and difficult to find at fair prices.

Here are some key words about these energetic properties:

– Peridot crystals activate, open, and purify the center (chakra) of the heart.

– Exceptional mineral to overcome obsessions or great guilt.

– Give courage to its wearer. In meditation brings a clear vision of his spiritual path. – According to J. Hall’s work in lithotherapy: heals and regenerates tissues; balances bipolar disorder.

What stones for adolescents?

From 14 to almost 20 years old, our pre-teens, teens, and pre-adults are in the midst of an existential transformation. Minerals can help them keep their feet on the ground without destabilizing them even more. Of course, the first three minerals mentioned above are compatible with their situation. We can add these stones while remaining at the heart level, this energy center where we are not mistaken.

White agate or pink agate: Gray agate is quite common, but pink agate or white agate is rarer. In gentle energies of Peace or Heart, these mineral varieties are suitable for troubled teens and lack of self-confidence.   

Celestine: very beautiful mineral to put in rough (fragile mineral due to its cleavage in the four directions, prefer the raw form, more stable) on the bedside table. Spiritual Peace, Peace of Mind (Not for babies).

Mango-calcite: This beautiful pink and white crystal is the mineral of acceptance and forgiveness of infinite love. It will be an ally for long periods (possible to put it under the pillow, in the bed).

The stones to avoid for children and adolescents

Anyway, it would be good to avoid these minerals that come back regularly in meetings as far as possible. Deontologically, we are obliged to warn you that these minerals are not at all suitable for our young people.

Obsidian: in all its forms, this mineral prohibits in priority for children and adolescents. Too strong, already badly supported by adults, this mineral takes our consciousness towards very subtle and very destructuring worlds. To be avoided as a priority.

Labradorite: a very beautiful mineral endowed with many virtues, it does not adapt to the vibratory bodies still under construction of our dear cherubs.

The tiger eye: once again, this very solar mineral is powerful and difficult to bear. In the context of an individual appointment with a therapist, it can indicate in rare, very specific cases (from 10-12 years, not before).

 For the protection sought at all costs, orient yourself towards pink quartz, Peridot (our knights of the Middle Ages, wore a Peridot under their saddle to give them courage and protection!) Or pink agate (its energy soft is protective and gently envelops its wearer). 

Crystals For Baby Blessing

Put your discernment and common sense into action.

Would we give your car keys to your ten-year-old child?

Certainly not! For minerals, it is the same responsibility that weighs on parents.

Minerals do not have this intrinsic discernment. A mineral vibrates in its Essence vibration. It does not discern whether it is in the pocket of a toddler or an adult. It simply vibrates according to its crystalline system, its physical characteristics, color, etc.

Do not forget the definition, which from our point of view, defines minerals well:

Minerals are powerful vibratory tools. They are tools of Awakening of consciousness.

They are not toys or drugs!

If you are very attracted to minerals, re-visit your children’s room. Depending on their age, the younger they are, the more we must be vigilant about the minerals present on them or in their close environment (bedside table, bed, etc.).

Finally, minerals require regular cleaning and maintenance. As with us humans, would you stop taking baths or showers for months or even years? No, of course, the minerals need to wash. Their personal “soap” is rock salt, the natural salt of the ocean or the sea. Few are the minerals that cannot withstand cleaning. We invite you to visit our page dedicated to the energetic cleaning of stones and minerals.

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Love as accompaniment for children

If you are looking to protect your children, it seems obvious to parents. It would not be good to confuse protection and over-protection. They are already most tracked by their mobile phone (Of course, never sleep with your mobile phone !!! permanent irradiation is very harmful, very real). They are above all a simple reflection of our anxieties and fears as a parent.

It would be good to think about this and keep in mind whether we agree with it or not. Our mind is creative, a healthy positive creation as well as heavy creations like fears. Opt for rose quartz, appearing focused on the heart. This beautiful mineral remains good personal protection of the most effective.

Pink agate can help our stressed and disoriented youth (like us as an adult) to restore self-confidence and emotional stability.

The benevolence, the discernment, the love which you carry to your children and grandchildren will allow you, without doubt, to find at best the accompaniment of minerals according to their age.

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