Chalcopyrite healing properties


The  Chalcopyrite  is a beautiful mineral which has also been called “Peacock” because of its beautiful colors pink, blue, green, purple and gold, which closely resemble the feathers of the animal. It should be noted that this mineral is a copper ore, that is, from which a sufficient quantity of element is extracted to then take advantage of it. Here, you will know about Chalcopyrite healing properties.

This stone is characterized by having a striking yellow, almost golden color, very similar to gold. But its streak and toughness set it apart from the precious metal, as well as helping to easily distinguish it. The Chalcopyrite mineral  is very beautiful, and its crystals make it quite common.

The “Peacock” or Chalcopyrite  is a stone highly sought by mineral collectors, and by collectors, because they are found in very striking varieties. This mineral is sometimes acid-treated to produce an iridescent tarnish. Although this stone is already iridescent, it seeks to accentuate the blue and purple colors, with the acid treatment.

chalcopyrite stone

Chalcopyrite History

The Chalcopyrite  is scientifically described in 1725 by Johann Friedrich Henckel. Its name is due to the Greek words “chalkos” which in Spanish means copper, and “pyros” which is translated into fire.

It is also said to have been so named because of the name given to it by the founder of modern mineralogy Georgius Agricola, who disclosed that all hard sulfur, arsenic and antimony sulfides must be called pyrites.

Chalcopyrite Characteristics

  • The chemical formula of Chalcopyrite  is: CuFeS2. When decomposing it, we can notice that this mineral is formed by a high percentage of copper, iron and sulfur, which is why it is part of the sulfides.
  • Its crystals are in the form of pseudo-tetrahedrons, of a yellow brass color and with a greenish-black stripe.
  • The Chalcopyrite  has a hardness between 3 to 3.5 on the Mohs scale.
  • When this mineral is exposed to a high degree of heat, it acquires magnetic properties.
  • Sometimes it is confused with gold because its hue is very similar to that of metal.
  • It has a density of 4.2 to 4.3 g / cm3.
  • Both Chalcopyrite and pyrite are called “Fool’s Gold”.
  • This mineral can be confused with cubic pyrite since both have similar shades, however, they differ because Chalcopyrite  is a little more yellowish, and is capable of changing its color when subjected to strong environmental conditions.
  • Chalcopyrite is an easy stone to melt and melt.
  • It is capable of dissolving in the presence of nitric acid (hno3).

Properties of Chalcopyrite

Chalcopyrite is a very old mineral, which is easy to find in the Earth’s crust. It is also known as yellow copper.

The chemical composition of this mineral makes it unique, which is why it is so sought after to be collected. Having this stone allows creativity, innovation and flexibility to be attributed to the body and the environment.

Healing and Energy Properties

  • Chalcopyrite transmits a positive vibe that helps to raise happiness, positivism, joy and faith in myself. It is also ideal to use during meditation.
  • Its healing power allows healing various diseases and ailments, this is because its resonance influences the upper chackras and relieves all pain.  
  • It is a very mystical and effective stone when used in the chackra of the third eye and the crown, this is because it helps to clean and activate them.
  • Chalcopyrite stimulates perception, inner vision, new ideas and increases self-esteem. It allows to heal asthma, gums, brain, bladder, respiratory system, spinal cord, and also allows weight loss.
  • It also helps improve anxiety, creativity and reinforces spiritual values.
  • It is important to have a Chalcopyrite close at the time of undergoing acupuncture therapy, this is because the body and the system will integrate easily into the activity, and will allow the ailments to disappear.
  • It should also be borne in mind that this mineral helps to understand the operation of the universe, and drives us to do what we set out to do.

Protective properties

  • It is important to know the protective properties of Chalcopyrite, this mineral is capable of eliminating blockages in the crown and sacrum chackra.
  • Chalcopyrite helps alleviate the symptoms of old injuries.
  • It is responsible for promoting personal growth, and at the same time open your mind to give way to thoughts of prosperity.
  • Meditating allows you to reach a deeper state.

Magical properties

  • Its unusual energy attracts great spiritual vitality.
  • Chalcopyrite is able to link both worlds, the mystic and the real, during meditation.
  • It is an ideal amulet for the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, because they are signs of earth and fire.

Chalcopyrite deposits

This mineral is quite common worldwide, in various locations we can find large, well-formed crystals. In the area of: Carn Brea, Baia Sprie and Kapnick from England can be found; also in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria, Germany, China, Peru, Mexico, USA. Below is a list of localities where Chalcopyrite can be found.

  • Afghanistan
  • Egypt
  • Albania
  • Argentina
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Chile
  • China
  • Germany
  • Ecuador
  • Finland
  • France
  • Greece
  • Greenland
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Cambodia
  • Canada
  • Kazakhstan
  • Colombia
  • Republic
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • North and South Korea
  • Cuba
  • Madagascar
  • Morocco
  • Mexico
  • Myanmar
  • Namibia
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Austria
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Zambia
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Zimbabwe
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • South Africa
  • Czech Republic
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Hungary
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Vietnam
  • Cyprus
Chalcopyrite healing properties

Worldwide, this mineral is found in more than 25 thousand locations. It was in Russia, specifically in the Nikolai mine, that specimens of up to 40 cm were found. Large stones were also sighted in Japan.

It is important to know that this stone is formed in hydrothermal processes, and is capable of associating with stones such as quartz, pyrite, gold, galena, among others. This mineral is altered when the conditions of the area where it was formed change, so when it is exposed to the surface the Chalcopyrite can become malachite, azurite, cuprite, etc.   

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Uses of Chalcopyrite

  • The most relevant use of this mineral is that it works as copper ore, that is, it is used for its exploitation.
  • Thanks to its esoteric properties, Chalcopyrite is used to attract new friends and relationships.
  • It allows to stimulate new ideas to its owner.
  • It is an ideal stone to use meditation since it allows full concentration.
  • It allows for a clearer connection to the spiritual.
  • It helps to raise low self-esteem, and energies.
  • It is a great enhancer of vitality.
  • It is a great repairer of ribonucleic acid (RNA)
  • It is a magnet of wealth.
  • The mood decreases.
  • It is used as a natural remedy for hemorrhoids, gout and tuberculosis.
  • Chalcopyrite is ideal for practicing Thai Chi.
  • It is ideal to keep close during acupuncture therapies.
  • It serves as a pain reliever for the soul and temperament.
  • Helps maintain excellent health.
  • Increase hair growth.
  • It helps stimulate memory.
  • Attract work projects, businesses, and new ventures.  

How to Clean Chalcopyrite

Chalcopyrite is usually cleaned with sea salt and a small brush to access each part of the stone, so there is no space left to release negative energy. If you do not have sea salt, you can use common or Himalayan salt. It can also be buried in a transparent bowl with plenty of salt.

This mineral must always be carried in a red bag.

Another method used to clean this stone is to place it in a transparent bowl with lemon and cloves, then rinse with a little water and dry with a soft cloth.

It is recommended to clean this stone at least once a month, since the constant cleaning of it can wear it down.

How to activate the pyrite tracing

Chalcopyrite activation is simple. It is important to leave it in the light of the crescent moon for one or two nights.

It is advisable to place the stone under the pillow so that it fills us with energy through sleep; If you want to activate it to attract money and wealth, you just have to put it inside the safe to mobilize opportunities.

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