Chakras And Emotions

Chakras And Emotional Healing

When our chakras are open, it is because we are in tune with the Universe and with the people around us and with our surroundings. When the chakras are blocked or closed, the energy does not arrive properly and the organs related to the chakras are blocked. In this article we will explain all about chakras and emotions.

When your emotions feel joyful with life our chakras open to receive energy and we experience a feeling of well-being, balance, stimulation and connection with the All. When rage and low emotions are experienced, our chakras tend to close as a way of protection, especially in times of depression and stress.

All the interaction with our environment and other human beings causes emotional states and alterations that affect us a lot and are energetically collected by the chakras, which in turn affects the production of hormones. Knowing the emotional integrity that each chakra processes helps in psychophysical health.

Chakras And Emotions

If you want to know how your chakras are connected to emotions look at the following Test:

Root Chakra

Do I feel physically vibrant, healthy and powerful in the world? Do I feel like home here? And do I feel like I belong? Do I have a strong desire to live? Do I love my body and appreciate it as a wonderful treasure? Am I a high energy person, moving boldly for life?

Sacral Chakra

Do I have a strong healthy sex drive? Do I feel confident and full sexual? Can I express myself sexually, and give and receive pleasure? Do you have to express myself creatively I feel wonderful and fulfilling?

Solar Plexus Chakra

Do I know what I want, and have confidence in being able to manifest it? Can I make decisions and act on them? am I conscious of my emotions and how to control them? And Am I capable of mental type and resolve through my feelings? Am I emotionally fulfilled?

Heart Chakra

Do I have to comply, healthy relationships? Do I love myself, friends and family, and have a strong sense of compassion for all living things? Can I accept others as they are, without changing them? Should I expect the best from people, and seek the best from them? Am I good at cooperation? Can I stay in the moment and the results of the delivery to the Universe?

Throat Chakra

Can I express myself with skill and ease? Do I do the practical things I have to do to be healthy, happy and successful? Should I take responsibility for my life instead of blaming others for my problems and waiting for others to take care of me? Should I try to do my best, and do I feel worthy of reward or compensation for my efforts? Do I have enough faith in myself to take risks, accept challenges, and create ways of realization?

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Third eye chakra

Am I mentally strong and able to solve things? Do I have a lot of creative ideas, and the habit of taking the necessary measures to make them a reality? No answers or ideas come to me as mentally try to understand things? Am I able to visualize my goals and dreams? How I can set realistic and achievable goals? Do my experiences support and validate my beliefs about life?

Crown Chakra

Do I feel like I’m part of something big and wonderful? Do I feel connected to God / Spirit of the Universe, and do I feel that my life has a purpose? Am I able to see myself honestly, and to discover the lessons of my experiences in order to develop wisdom?

Meaning of Blocked Chakras

Meaning of chakras blockage and their relation to emotions.

First Closed Chakra: The person is devitalized, his will to live is greatly diminished.

Second Closed Chakra: The person has difficulty receiving and giving love. There is no sexual potency.

Third Closed Chakra: Difficulty feeling, block your feelings. You will not feel love and acceptance for yourself. Feelings of personal rejection and disinterest in one’s health.

Fourth Closed Chakra: Has difficulty loving without receiving anything in return. Lack of purpose and meaning of their existence. We have the wrong idea that God and all oppose our will.

Fifth Closed Chakra: The person cannot take charge of his life. Communication does not flow. Professionally he is frustrated, he does not do what he wants.

Sixth Closed Chakra: There is confusion, blocked ideas. Ideas do not have access to the material plane. It becomes frustration.

Seventh Closed Chakra: The person has not connected his spiritual being to his physical being.

It is worth saying something that many have already said and we all know that it is like this: “Know yourself” as a way to resolve both your internal conflicts and those that come from your external relationship.

Regarding what has been said above, an indicative classification based on the predominance of mental or organic activity is possible

The body predominates in the following chakras

1) Radical or fundamental chakra: primary energy and survival.
2) Splenic chakra: sexual impulses and primary interpersonal relationships.

Interpersonal relationships predominate in:

3) Umbilical or solar chakra: impulses and emotions of power and social identification.
4) Cardiac chakra: feelings of affection, love and self expression.
5) Laryngeal chakra: communication of thought, expression and self-identification.

The mind predominates in:

6) Frontal chakra: powers of the mind and increased consciousness with respect to itself
7) Coronary chakra: experience of self-qualification or illustration (pineal gland or epiphysis).

Regardless of the organic or emotional origin of the conflict, as well as the basic core of the personality of the individual in question, which will mark specific blockages in certain areas of the body, those alterations of the psychophysical balance where mental activity predominates will sensitize the body to produce somatizations in the Six and five chakras.

Alterations and conflicts where interpersonal relationships predominate, will especially sensitize the areas covered by the five, four and three chakras. They will be more sensitive to conflicts where activity or defense predominates at the body level, the areas of influence of the two and one chakras.

In this Chakras And Emotions article it is important to keep in mind that the limbs are also subject to the activity of the chakras, even if they are physically located along the spine.

This undeniable reality is the cause of tensions and blockages, somatization or sensitization in specific areas of the limbs, which help to facilitate the diagnosis of the area and / or psychophysical function where the alteration has occurred.
And so that everyone can self-observe.

Chakras self-diagnosis

Ask these Chakras And Emotions questions answers to yourself.

1.- Do you feel as if you were floating, like your head is running out or ideas are flying?
2.- Has it recently given you the feeling as if you were not stepping on solid ground?
3.- Do you feel more concern than usual for your financial situation?
4.- Are you worried about the issue of economic security until you are almost distressed?
5.- Do you suffer from constipation or diarrhea?
6.- Are you calming your anxiety with food?
7.- When you don’t know what to do, do you eat?
8.- Do you find yourself compulsive with food, sex, alcohol, tobacco, etc.?
9.- Are you experiencing more anger / aggression in your workplace?
10.- Do you feel sunk or low energy?
11.- Have you recently lost your job or changed it?
12.- Have you recently lost a relationship or has your relationship gone through a change?
13.- Have you recently experienced a situation in which you feared for your life, even if there was no real danger?
14.- Does it bother you to sweat?
15.- Does your body bother you?
16.- Do you suddenly feel fear or anxiety for no apparent reason?
17.- Are you being prone to accidents? (kinks, burns, etc.)
18.- Do you feel excessively sensitive to people?
19.- Do you “swallow” what others say without responding?
20.- Have you experienced a creative block?
21.- Are you sexually unmotivated?
22.- Do you need to constantly reaffirm your sexual attractiveness?
23.- Do you feel obese in the chest, abdomen, belly, hips and / or thighs?
24.- Do you feel guilt in relation to your sexual activity?
25.- Is any type of physical approach bothering you?
26.- Are you having more sexual fantasies than usual?
27.- If you are a woman, are you experiencing discomfort in your reproductive organs? Painful menstrual cycles? Bladder infection? Mushrooms?
28.- If you are a man, do you have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection?
29.- Do you have multiple sexual partners at any given time?
30.- Are you afraid to accept a commitment, be it financial, emotional, etc.?

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31.- Was there any type of abuse in your family, physical, emotional, verbal, sexual?
32.- Are you attracted to unconventional sex?
33.- Are you afraid of losing control?
34.- Are you the type of person who takes care of everything?
35.- Do you get upset when things are not done “your way”?
36.- Do you have trouble adapting to changes?
37.- Do you need the opinion of others to feel safe / recognized?
38.- Do you have trouble relaxing?
39.- Do you suffer from insomnia?
40.- Do you usually follow the “rules” that surround you?
41.- Do you feel frequent stitches in your stomach?
42.- Are you prone to digestive problems?
43.- Are you worried about what others think of you?
44.- Do you like to control situations?
45.- Do you feel disoriented / nervous, when things do not go as planned?
46.- Do they tell you that you are not spontaneous? Or do you notice that you are not?
47.- Do you need to make classifications / typecast people to feel safe?
48.- Do you have a strong fear of being rejected?
49.- Are you worried about being rejected?
50.- Have you recently experienced any type of rejection?
51.- Do you show yourself friendlier / friendlier than you really feel?
52.- Do you feel off, as devoid of emotion?
53.- Are you feeling like a weight in your chest?
54.- Do you sometimes have trouble breathing normally?
55.- Is the idea you had of yourself changing?
56.- Do you sometimes feel insecure about really knowing who you are?
57.- Do you have trouble breaking relationships that you know are hurting you?
58.- Have you recently felt that someone canceled you?
59.- Are you more worried about caring for others than yourself?
60.- Are you feeling emotionally removed from people you were joined to?
61.- Are you feeling that certain situations or people take away your energy?
62.- When someone comes to you, do you feel obligated to do more than listen?
63.- Do you try to please those around you?
64.- Do you often have a sore throat, larynx, ears?
65.- Do you frequently cover your nose?
66.- When you speak in public sometimes you stutter or have trouble talking?
67.- Are you often asked to speak or to make it louder?
68.- Are you noticing that your mind is blank when you want to communicate something?
69.- Are you shy?
70.- If you think about talking about something that costs you, do you get a lump in your throat?
71.- Do you have fantasies of facing someone and then in reality you can’t?
72.- Do you judge yourself as stupid or unable to have something interesting to say?
73.- Do you think it is better to be quiet before saying something that seems uninteresting to you?
74.- Do you contract the jaws?
75.- Do you clench your teeth?
76.- Do you strive to suppress what you feel?
77.- Do you try to suppress negative feelings or emotions?
78.- Do you use the word as a weapon, for example, to put someone in his place?
79.- Do you use words as a shield to put distance?
80.- Are you afraid to speak in public?
81.- Are you ashamed to speak loudly?
82.- Are you afraid to express the opposite opinion to others?
83.- Do you frequently suffer from a headache?
84.- Do you trust logic and reason more than your intuition?
85.- Do you excessively analyze situations, problems, etc.?
86.- Do you sometimes feel that you are losing your mind?
87.- Do you often feel confused?
88.- Do you have vision defects?
89.- Do you “lose your mind” when moving in stressful situations?
90.- Do you have thoughts with a predominance of your left brain (linear, logical)?
91.- Are you surprised by life events that, in retrospect, were obvious to those around you, and who saw the situation as it was?
92.- Do you live more in your head than in reality?
93.- Do you only believe what you can validate with the five senses?
94.- Do you wake up tired?
95.- Do you feel as if you are walking in the fog?
96.- Do you have trouble remembering your dreams?
97.- Do you doubt your intuition?
98.- Do you doubt if there is anything else? (like the soul)
99.- Do you think that nothing survives death?
100.- Do you feel confused about the meaning of life?
101.- Are you only worried about the here and now?
102.- Are you a believer of some kind of religion or philosophy?
103.- Do you depend on the opinion of others to decide what is right or not?
104.- Do you feel insecure about which way to go?
105.- Do you think there is a certain determinism that prevents us from choosing one’s own life?
106.- Are you looking for an answer outside of yourself?
107.- Do you believe in destiny?
108.- Do you think that someone other than you has the “response of life”?
109.- Do you think that the search for a spiritual life is a waste of time?
110.- Are your actions / decisions more motivated by the outside than by what you really consider?

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