Chakra Blockage Test

Chakra Alignment Test

When you answer “NO” to any question, they are aspects that denote a certain blockage in the corresponding Chakra. Lets start this chakra blockage test.

Root Chakra Blockage Test (1st)

1. Do I feel physically vibrant, healthy and powerful in the world?

2. Do I feel in the world at home?

3. Are my income consistent with my expectations?

4. do I feel like I belong?

5. Do I have a strong desire to live?

6. Do I love my body and appreciate it as a wonderful treasure?

7. Am I a person with high energy and I move boldly through life?

8. Do I have any concerns in my life?

9. Do I consider myself fit to keep my home?

10. Do I enjoy what I do?

Sacral Chakra (2nd)

1. Do I have a healthy sex drive?

2. I’m happy?

3. Do I feel confident and full sexuality?

4. Can I express myself sexually, give and receive pleasure?

5. When I express myself creatively, do I feel great?

6. Do I think the world is a safe place?

7. Do I have any fear or guilt?

Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd)

1. I know what I want, and I have confidence in being able to manifest it?

2. Do I have any anger or anger?

3. Do I understand that anger is a mistake of coprension?

4. Can I make decisions and act on them?

5. Do I understand that I never had or will have control of any situation? And that I can only deal with changing what bothers me in my person?

6. Am I aware of my emotions and can I control them?

7. Am I emotionally balanced?

Heart Chakra (4th)

1. Do I have healthy relationships?

2. Have I overcome all feelings of resentment or spite?

3. Do I love myself, my friends and my family?

4. Do I have a strong sense of compassion towards all living beings?

5. Can I accept others as they are, without changing them?

6. Do I expect the best from people, and look for the best of them?

7. Am I good at cooperating?

8. Can I deliver the moment and deliver the results to the Universe?

Throat Chakra Blockage Test (5th)

1. Can I express myself with skill and ease? Do I do the practical things I have to do to be healthy, happy and successful?

2. Do I take responsibility for my life instead of blaming others for my problems, waiting for others to take care of you?

3. Will I try to do my best, and do I feel worthy of reward or compensation for my efforts?
Do I have enough faith in myself taking risks, accepting challenges, and create ways of realization?

Third eye chakra (6th)

1. Am I mentally strong and feel capable of solving things?

2. Do I have a lot of creative ideas and the habit of taking the necessary measures to make them a reality?

3. Do the answers or ideas come to me to try to understand things?

4. Am I able to visualize my goals and dreams? Can I define realistic and attainable goals?

5. Do my experiences support and validate my beliefs about life?

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Crown Chakra (7th)

1. Do I feel like I’m part of something big and wonderful?

2. Do I feel connected to God / Spirit of the Universe, and do I feel that my life has a purpose?

3. Am I able to see myself honestly and discover the lessons of my experiences in order to develop wisdom?

4. May I live experiences to learn without any expectation?

Meaning of Blocked Chakras

First Chakra:

The person is devitalized, his will to live is greatly diminished.

Second chakra 

The person has difficulty receiving and giving love. There is no sexual potency.

Third chakra

Difficulty feeling, block your feelings. You will not feel love and acceptance for yourself. Feelings of personal rejection and disinterest in one’s health.

Fourth Chakra 

He has difficulty loving without receiving anything in return. Lack of purpose and meaning of their existence. We have the wrong idea that God and all oppose our will.

Fifth Chakra

The person cannot take charge of his life. Communication does not flow. Professionally he is frustrated, he does not do what he wants.

Sixth Chakra

There is confusion, blocked ideas. Ideas do not have access to the material plane. It becomes frustration.

Seventh chakra

The person has not connected his spiritual being to his physical being.

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