Brown Stones

The brown color always symbolized calm and peace. Many consider it a symbol of prosperity and fertility, because color is associated with earth. There are different brown stones. 

There are few brown stones in nature. There are precious and semiprecious minerals. The first include diamonds, chrysoberyl and opal. Rauchtopasis and onyx are considered semi-precious.

Brown gemstones

Diamond. Known in his transparent guise. Not many people know that in nature there are many colors of diamond , and one of them is brown.

Brown diamonds are more valuable than colorless ones. These stones (namely brown) are mined only in one place on our planet – at a great depth of Australia. For jewelry, such a diamond is not only processed with the “ideal method” with 57 facets.

It is the hardest mineral. On the Mohs scale, he has the highest score – 10 points. From the Greek language, the name translates as “unsurpassed stone.”

Brown diamond can have various shades: from chocolate to coffee and cognac. Jewelry with such a stone is highly valued: up to 8 thousand dollars per carat.

Opal. Translated from Sanskrit means “gem”. It is a precious variety of opal that has various colors, including brown.

When and where it was first discovered is unknown, but the largest number was found in Australia. A large field is located in Brazil. Opals are also mined in Japan, the USA, and the Czech Republic, and a little on the territory of Russia.

In jewelry, precious noble opals are valued . Just they are considered precious. They are distinguished by a bright and clean shade with rainbow tints – these criteria are basic in evaluating the mineral. They are inserted into rings and earrings. This is a very fragile material, so jewelers try to make far from all jewelry with it.

Chrysoberyl. The name comes from the Greek word “golden”. The color scheme is diverse – from light yellow to brown. Usually forms inclusions in granite and drusen in voids. The mineral is found in the bowels of the Urals, in Brazil and Colorado. Get it and artificially.

Chrysoberyl is a very rare precious mineral. Basically, only rings are made with it. Clouded specimens are much more valuable than transparent ones. This is explained by the fact that such stones have a “cat-eye effect.”

Semiprecious stones of brown color

Onyx. It got its name from the ancient Greek word “nail”. It has a specific color scheme: it can be either light or dark brown.

The best onyx is mined on the Arabian Peninsula. Deposits are available in India and Brazil and Uruguay.

Rauchtopaz is
quite popular, its brown palette is very rich – this gives it uniqueness, since there are very few stones of this gamut in nature. With this feature, the price of the mineral is quite affordable.Rauchtopaz. Despite its name, the stone is not related to topazes. This is a kind of quartz; sometimes it is called “smoky quartz”. And the confusion arose from the fact that earlier merchants wanted to sell this mineral for a lot of money, and gave it away as precious.

They find it mainly in Brazil – it is also the largest supplier. Deposits exist in the USA and Switzerland.

Stone is a huge success at jewelry houses. Usually they make various cocktail rings and pendants with it. It is combined with silver and gold, as well as with other stones. It is very beautiful in its pure form, especially if the mineral is large.

Brown ornamental stones

Agate. There are several options for why the stone is called agate. According to one of them, the stone is so named from the Greek word “happy.” According to another version, the name came from a toponym – the river Akhatis, which is in Sicily (it was there that the mineral was originally mined).

Find stone in Brazil, Mexico, India and Uruguay. In Russia, its deposits are in the Urals, Crimea and Transbaikalia.

Brown Stones
The name comes from the Greek language, means “motley”. The color of this stone is striking in its diversity. Brown jasper is not found as often as, for example, red or green.Agate is one of the most popular brown ornamental stones.
It is used in the manufacture of various interior items: figurines, small vases, coasters, etc. Due to the strength of the stone, mortars for grinding medicines and dyes are even made from it.

Deposits: Ural and Altai are the most common. Also found in Germany and the USA. In Egypt and India, jasper has been mined since ancient times.

This is a very durable material, so it is so perfect as an ornamental. Beautiful souvenirs of various shapes and sizes, jewelry and home decoration are made from jasper.

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Brown stone properties

Brown color can give a feeling of security, especially with light shades. However, psychologists warn that with stones of this gamut you should not overdo it – this will give the opposite effect, and the holder of the jewelry will feel depressed.

Such minerals will become helpers for those who are attracted to new knowledge. Anyone with brown jewelry will always be balanced.Brown jewelry can help those who have vision problems. They are also able to help those whose cardiovascular system is in poor condition.

Many people believe that the minerals in this color palette can help with colds. Also, these stones will be the best companions of those who by nature have weak immunity.

Products with such minerals will be a great gift for an aggressive person. There is no trace of impulsivity; a person becomes calm, a source of vivacity opens in him. However, one should not wear such jewelry too emotionally unstable people. The stone will contribute to the fact that over time, a person will become excessively indifferent.

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