Blue Stones

Blue stones are rare in nature. Therefore, they are very appreciated by jewelers, collectors and jewelry carriers, among whom are not only women. After all, jewelry with them are signs of good taste and affluence. Modern technologies allow creating gems of saturated blue color, but only the minerals mined in the bowels of the Earth have always been of the greatest value.

Why are blue minerals valued?

Since ancient times, all shades of blue, from light to dark, have been associated in humans with two elements that give life – water and air. For this reason, many people still believe that such gems are supposedly concentrates of heavenly and sea power. If a person chooses a blue mineral as a talisman or jewelry for daily wear, he can be sure: a gem will significantly improve his psycho-emotional state, and he will simply be able to please, because all blue gems have anti-stress properties.

To whom are blue stones most suitable? People born under the signs of the Zodiac, attributed to such elements as Air and Water, as well as to all the “grumblers” who are rarely in a good mood. It happens that a correctly selected amulet allows you to rehabilitate even after severe psychological trauma. Jewelry made of blue stones is especially shown to representatives of creative professions, supposedly this blue contributes to inspiration and reduces the likelihood of a creative crisis.

In order not to waste your life energy in vain, but to direct it in the right direction, you should buy yourself some little blue pebble, and it is not necessary to purchase a very expensive sapphire, because there are also less expensive alternatives. They say that wearing a blue stone allows you to open the so-called “third eye”, and as if a person can acquire extrasensory abilities or develop his own to such an extent that he can easily predict the future, and not just his own.

Ornamental and decorative blue stones

Alpinite or alpanite. This is an artificial glass-like mineral, very often used by jewelers as a material for the manufacture of inexpensive jewelry. Alpanite stone comes in all shades, from dark blue to very light, and can even have a frame made of precious metals. Alpinite has neither healing nor magical properties and has nothing to do with astrology. This is a purely decorative stone that has a decent appearance and significantly reduces the cost of jewelry.

Azurite. A purely ornamental stone, used for the manufacture of souvenirs and crafts, since it is unsuitable for jewelry because of increased fragility. Although, sometimes products with azuriteare made, only the pebble is fitted with the finest silver mesh – to exclude its damage. This is the “progenitor” of malachite, mined all over the world – wherever there are deposits of polymetallic and copper ores. Unusual crystals are highly appreciated by collectors.

Onyx. This gem can be attributed to ornamental stones, and to semiprecious and precious, since much depends on its color and pattern, since onyx is a striped stone. The thicker the layer, the more valuable the mineral, so it is logical to assume that if the layers are insignificant, then such an onyx will be used for the manufacture of souvenirs and crafts. The most valuable are the minerals mined in India.

Jade. This is a stone of wisdom, which allows you to correctly interpret the dream, for which you just need to put it under the pillow before going to bed. It can be used to create jewelry, if its appearance deserves it.

Semiprecious Blue Stones

Blue-blue turquoise. This is a purely female gem, which brings prosperity, prosperity and love to its mistress. If you suffer from insomnia or nightmares, then this is a serious reason for the acquisition and constant wearing of jewelry with blue and blue turquoise.

Blue jasper. This gem of such a shade is almost never found in nature, for which it can rightly be reckoned with gems.

Benitoitis “Cosmic” stone, which is literally fed by energy from space and gives it to its owner. Representatives of the zodiac constellations: Sagittarius, Aries and Leo are not allowed to wear benitoitis, since they can become even more conceited from him.

Tanzanite The mineral belongs to the silicate group and sometimes it is classified as gemstones. It is noteworthy that some instances of this are worthy. This is a real gem-chameleon, capable of changing its color, depending on what angle to look at it. In nature, there are mainly instances that are not noticeable in appearance. If they are processed correctly, then they are able to capture the imagination of any person. Inexperienced people very often take tanzanite for sapphire, which is what scammers use.

Iolite. A kind of cordierite. The gem began to be used by jewelers relatively recently, although it has been known for a couple of centuries. Translated from Greek, the word “iolite” means “violet root”, and its color varies from blue to purple, and you can find both transparent and opaque iolites . It is noteworthy that this is the best natural imitation of sapphire.

Lapis lazuli. There are a lot of color versions, but the vast majority of mined lapis lazuli has a spotty color. Jewelry with this mineral is especially recommended for pregnant women to wear, since it contributes to the normal course of pregnancy and easier delivery. It produces lapis lazuli on the territory of many countries, and its good deposits have been found on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Sapphire Quartz. This mineral is widespread enough, so much so that ancient people used it in the production of weapons and tools, and modern people use sapphire quartz for industrial purposes. The crystals are quite hard and not easy to process. Jewelers prefer to use a silver frame for sapphire quartz, and they say that such “silver-quartz” talismans literally attract luck.

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Precious blue stones

Tourmaline or indigolite. The mineral is mined mainly in Brazil, and it is rare enough to be used for the manufacture of caskets. It has a rather saturated blue color and is cut in the likeness of a diamond. The greatest value are instances of a dark blue shade, which will be very useful to all singers and speakers.

Blue Stones

Zircon. This gem without impurities, in its pure form in nature is impossible to meet, since it is part of igneous rocks. It is mined in Madagascar, in Afghanistan, in Brazil and some other states. In Russia, zircons “grow” in the Urals. The mineral itself is not cheap, and is in demand among bankers and financiers, which is not surprising. It is noteworthy that zircon and zirconium are not the same thing, because the latter is a metal.

Spinel. A gem that is quite rare in nature, which happens in a variety of shades, including dark blue. It is obtained in Vietnam and Thailand. It has good healing and magical properties, for which it is appreciated. The appearance of  spinel is also worthy of being able to become an integral part of chic jewelry. Representatives of the element of Fire should wear a ring with this gem on the ring finger. His presence allows a person to feel happier.

Sapphire. The king is among all the blue stones, and some of its specimens are valued above diamonds. At one time, royal crowns and other attributes of the autocrats were decorated with sapphires. Now the extraction of this valuable mineral is carried out on all continents, with the exception of Antarctica, the only problem is that not everyone can buy it. There is an opinion that sapphire can protect its owner from poisoning, since it is able to cleanse blood of toxic substances.

London Topaz Blue. This is an island aluminosilicate, which is very popular. By the way, jewelers like to frame it with white gold or platinum, which only gives it expressiveness. If a person is angry and heartless, then he should not wear this gem so that he could not make it even more angry and heartless. It is said that London’s Blue Topaz helps fight depression and allows you to achieve peace of mind.

Corundum. Some minerologists believe that this is a variety of sapphire, but jewelers are sure that this is an independent mineral, which is a “close relative” of diamond, sapphire and ruby. Corundum is a very strong stone with a solid crystalline structure. In nature, it is represented by any shades, but gray, dark blue, violet and red corundums are most common. As a talisman, this gem can be very useful. All purposeful people can choose it for these purposes.

Blue stones in jewelry

To make beads, jewelers use ornamental or synthesized stone. For example, very often you can see beads made of lapis lazuli or jadeite, and such products from alpinite are rare, since jewelers prefer to make more “serious” jewelry, such as rings and earrings, with his participation.

Blue precious and semi-precious stones need to be framed with precious metals – gold, platinum and silver, and they are more suitable for making luxurious brooches, earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets.

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