Blue Opal Healing Properties

Blue Opal: Meaning, Properties and Uses

The blue opal stone is a very rare stone of the different types of opal that can be found in limited areas of the globe. It is attributed a great ornamental value and great beauty that makes it be used in various accessories. Following are the blue opal healing properties.

This stone is very similar to quartz, but this is typical of the Andean areas only. This is usually used in the form of an amulet generally since it is said that the more contact it has with the skin, the greater the effects of its benefits.


Blue opalPhysical properties and characteristics
GROUP Mineraloid
COLOUR Colorless, white, yellow orange, red, white or dark blue
FRACTURE Conchoidea
TRANSPARENCY From transparent to translucent

Meaning of blue opal

The blue opal gemstone is of incredible beauty and is found mainly in the Andean areas of the world, having its main deposits in Peru. This question is the official rock of the country.

Opal, unlike other stones, does not have any illusions of color, so regardless of the angle from which you look at it, its tints will predominate and will not alter. Nowadays, it is also possible to find it in different shades of blue, from the lightest to the darkest.

This blue opal stone comes from deposits with a high siliceous concentration. It requires low temperatures, so in addition to having this compound, it is also possible to find hydrogen and oxygen accompanied by other chemical elements.

The meaning of this stone says that it symbolizes luck since the Greeks believed that its origin was in the tears that Zeus shed before his victory against the Titans.

Characteristics of blue opal

The blue opal mineral has a characteristic sky blue color thanks to copper in its composition. This tone can be much lighter or much darker and of different sizes.

Opal is amorphous in shape and, located on the Mohs scale, has a hardness between 5 to 6.5. This blue opal stone also has a vitreous luster and is part of the quartz family, with a water percentage that reaches 30%.

Likewise, it is a mineral that can have two optical effects and can classify according to mineralogical varieties, being common or noble, where the difference is located between the games of colors that they can present.

The deposits of this blue opal rock can find in Australia and Ethiopia, Mexico, Venezuela, the United States, Mexico, and Peru, among other Latin American and European countries.

Blue opal properties

In addition to having the characteristics mentioned above, the blue opal stone is a rock rich in properties that are beneficial for anyone. Among these properties, we have:

  • Energetic properties

Blue opal is used in the energy field to bring serenity to the body, stimulate the balance of this area and bring harmony to the brain in its work. It also uses to obtain a sedative and cooling effect.

  • Protective properties

Like many other stones, blue opal has multiple protective properties that allow people to efficiently perform astral travel and allow the body to maintain a strong connection with its soul.

  • Emotional properties

It believes that blue opal has properties that allow people to feel confident and overcome trauma so that they can live life with a better attitude that allows them to stand up to any difficult situation.

Besides, this blue opal stone also allows people to make the best decisions, those that only bring positive effects to their lives and allow them to visualize their problems more clearly.

  • Communicative properties

Blue opal gives people the ability to communicate their thoughts and ideas in the best possible way, making them develop their public speaking skills, thus improving their working life.

  • Healing properties

In addition to those mentioned above, blue opal is especially useful for the eyes’ health, as it reduces the discomfort in them and the appearance of cataracts. It also has wonderful benefits against the bites of different poisonous animals.

Blue Opal Healing Properties

Common uses of blue opal

Regarding the uses that can give to the blue opal mineral, we can highlight a rock with high demand in the jewelry industry, like blue quartz. As we mentioned, it has a particular beauty that makes it a stone desired by experts in the field and even collectors of these precious stones.

Due to those mentioned above, it is a stone whose main use lies in the world of collecting and can be acquired for large amounts of money and in various valuable colors.

On the other hand, opal is also highly used in the carving industry, extremely useful and striking. Therefore, it is of utmost importance not only in Peru but in other parts of the world.

Cleaning blue opal

As it is a stone with beneficial properties, it is important to clean it every so often to continue taking advantage of these properties; Likewise, it is important to reactivate it once it is clean.

For this cleaning of the blue opal gemstone, you must run a generous amount of clean water over its surface for a while and ask the water, with great faith, to remove everything bad about this stone.

It must be clean water since it is an extremely delicate stone, which chemical products can completely damage. Instead, to activate it, this stone must always be close to the body.

If you choose to use this stone as a protector, it is important that it be used alone and not in combination with other gemstones, as this may modify its effect.

Blue opal deposits

As we mentioned earlier, the blue opal stone is typical of Peru, so the main deposits can be found throughout the “Inca territory.” They are considered a gift from the Pachamama (mother earth) in this town. In the same way, it is also a stone with a high concentration in the countries mentioned above.

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