Best Incense For Meditation

These are the seven best incenses to meditate on.

What incense to choose according to your objective. Incense is one of the elements that, on many occasions, accompany the best incense for meditation process, either in a group session or alone. The word incense comes from the Latin incensum, which means “to light.” Remains of incense are present throughout the world that are thousands of years old, making it difficult to define its exact origin. We tell you about Best Incense For Meditation.

Incense is a combination of materials made from plants, fragrant woods, sap, and essential oils, which emit an aromatic smoke when burned. Depending on the type of aroma and ingredients, its properties are different and focus on creating specific atmospheres to achieve the desired objective. Frankincense closely links to mysticism and ritual ceremonies.

The smell of incense does much more than flavor. It has the quality of purifying the environment and stimulating creativity, concentration, and memory, and of course, inducing the states of deep relaxation necessary to meditate. Also, incense clears negative energy. In meditation and yoga practice, incense uses to achieve states of clarity and concentration.

These are seven incenses that will induce you a state of relaxation and reflection, ideal for a meditation routine. 

1) Musk

 Its fragrance activates and energizes the aura. It uses to restore order and balance, eliminate negative influences, and align energies. Musk is associated with mystical states. It is ideal for purifying negative influences on the environment since it magnetizes the places positively and fosters inner peace.

2) Jasmine

 This incense stimulates all the senses. It helps calm anxiety, relaxes muscles, and relieve headaches. Also, among its properties is opening the way to enlightenment, bringing dreams to memory, and producing states of high happiness.

3) Nag Champa

 Nag Champa incense produces by a mixture of sandalwood, floral oils, spices, and resins. Its scent helps mental concentration, relax nerves and lessen the negative effects of stress on the mind. This incense is one of the most used in meditation rituals.

4) Sandalwood

 It uses to induce states of tranquility. Exposure to its fragrance stimulates the healing properties of this incense, which helps reduce pain and reduce depression. It is also related to the gift of prophecy and contact with other dimensional planes and psychic development, and spiritual growth.

5) Vanilla

 Finally, this delicious aroma is related to thought and intelligence. Lighting a wand during a yoga or meditation session amplifies the powers of the mind and memory. In addition, it believes that it returns hope when there is a perception that things are not going well.

Best Incense For Meditation

6) Copal

Copal is one of the most famous resins in Mexico, as it was the first one used in pre-Hispanic ceremonies. According to beliefs, copper has the property of being the best cleaner environment in terms of negative energies. Its scent is deep and persistent and induces mystical and relaxing states. Since its smoke is quite dense, we recommend using a very small amount, especially if you practice yoga.

7) Palo santo

The palo santo is a piece of aromatic wood that is easily burned and is used mainly in healing rituals and is considered a sacred symbol. Its effects are attracting positive energies and inducing the harmonic state of spiritual frequencies—ideal for wrapping yourself in its smoke before starting meditation.

ClairVoyant’s favorites: Nag Champa , palo santo and copal.

Now that you know, what do you think is the right one for you?

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