beryl healing properties

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Beryl Semiprecious Stone

beryl healing properties

The beryl  belongs to ciclosilicatos mineral beryllium aluminum, ie are silicates formed by tetrahedrons as rings, when in their pure state are usually colorless, and impurities that contribute color and depending on the color having , their varieties are named.

Its crystallization occurs in hexagonal prisms with pinacoid, which are noted or with vertical or pyramid lines. For example, the emerald variety shows the central prism surrounded by six radial crystals.

It is formed in pegmatites and when the magmatic solution is enriched with white or transparent beryllium, therefore its origin is hydrothermal. But beryl  presents in the same way, other varieties that have colors, such as:

  • Aquamarine that has a transparent color of greenish blue.
  • The emerald shown in a dark green transparent color.
  • The heliodor showing a light gold or golden color.
  • The morganite that shows a pink color.
  • The goshenite that is colorless and sometimes has a white stripe.
  • The  red beryl that, as its name implies, is scarlet red.
  • The pezzottaite that shows a raspberry color sometimes mistaken for  red beryl .

Main deposits of beryl.

Globally, these minerals can be found in Brazil, Afghanistan (northern part), Russia and the United States, as well as in Pakistan, Ukraine, Madagascar, Zambia and India. The most sought-after emerald variety is currently in Colombia. On the other hand in Spain, specifically in Pontevedra. Córdoba, Coruña, Girona, Ourense, Cáceres, Asturias and Madrid, there is the common beryl, which can be found large specimens.

Beryl physical properties.

  • Color: yellow, white, green, blue, pink, among others.
  • Stripe: white
  • Luster: fatty, vitreous, waxy.
  • Transparency: opaque or transparent.
  • Crystal system: hexagonal.
  • Exfoliation: imperfect.
  • Hardness: 7.5 – 8 (Mohs).
  • Density: 2.63 – 2.92.
  • Refractive index: nω = 1,564–1,595,
  • Birrefringencia: δ = 0.0040–0.0070 
  • The emotional tensions are alleviated by this mineral, its most common use is to calm stress, since with it you can find relaxation; It is recommended for people who present depressive pictures or deep sadness. Even a person can overcome a bad mood with this mineral.
  • The beryl  helps improve self – confidence and self – esteem, so that gradually the person feel sure of herself. This mineral is very useful to overcome shyness.
  • If you are in search of love, this mineral is capable of attracting your true love, that is, the right person for you. But if you already have a relationship, the stone will provoke your desire to get married.
  • The beryl  helps rid of unnecessary or unwanted emotions. Showing you how to process these feelings so that they do not affect your present and your future.
  • Helps unlock and realize potentials, remembering a person’s talents and abilities.
  • The beryl  raises intelligence and promotes creativity. Eliminating fatigue and increasing the liveliness of the spirit, dissolving any obstacles that may arise. It will stimulate strength in the mind, body and spirit to overcome challenges.
  • This stone is perfect for self-tuning when performing healing or channeling work.
  • Increases the body’s resistance to toxins and pollutants.
  • It helps in the treatment of the stomach, heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, thyroid, pancreas and ulcers.
  • It helps in treating the spinal column, it also relieves the effects of concussions and in the treatment of head damage.
  • It is a sedative stone, if gargling with water from this crystal helps to heal asthma and throat problems.
  • It helps in the energy treatment of leukemia or other types of cancer.
  • Strengthens the circulatory system, it also has a cleaning effect on the digestive system and the respiratory tract.
  • It stimulates the sexual and reproductive organs, helping in infertility issues.
  • It is recommended for sexual imbalances, associated with emotional problems of sexual abuse, so that the affected person feels safe and healthy towards sexual expression.
  • It releases karmic conflicts, as well as illnesses manifested by lack of self-love.
  • The victim mentality and irrational fears are dissipated by this stone, allowing better communication and emotional understanding, and achieving some comfort with oneself and with others.
  • It is considered a stone that stimulates creativity, confidence and self-esteem.
  • Strengthens the bonds of camaraderie, friendship and loyalty.

Types of beryl.

·  Emerald:  thanks to its abnormality, this stone has great value, this variety of  green beryl , is found in Colombia, Zambia and Brazil, with Colombia being the main producer.

·  Aqua beryl:  this variety is shown in a blue color with a pale green hue. This precious stone is highly appreciated in jewelry thanks to its solidity that allows various cuts. Its brightness and color resemble sea water.

·  Berio heliodoro:  it appears in a golden color and this characteristic color is due to the fact that it has iron impurities. To make its color more precious, this stone can be exposed to heat treatment. The main deposits where  heliodorous beryl is obtained are in Madagascar, Russia, the United States, Namibia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Mozambique.

·  Red beryl:  also called scarlet emerald, red emerald or bixbit. Its characteristic red color is due to the presence of manganese ions. This stone is associated with different minerals, such as: quartz, octoclase, bixbite, hematite and pseudobrookite.

Red beryl of excellent quality have a great value and price in the market, since it is very difficult to find it, being the United States where it has been found the most. This gem is also confused with beryl  pezzottaite which is raspberry in color.

·  Beryl Morganite: it  is a very rare variety, it is a beryl  of pink color, thanks to the presence of manganese ions. Its name of morganite is due to the fact that in 1989 JP Morgan found a 23 kg specimen in Maine, United States, which received the name of “Maine Rose”. Although the first pink beryl were located in Madagascar and California, the United States, and were very large.

·  Beryl goshenita:  in the town of Goshen, Massachusetts, it was located for the first time. It is a  colorless beryl and is considered the purest variety of beryl , although it may have colorations due to impurities.

The value of this variety is very low, although if the gem is exposed to radiation from high-energy particles that cause a change, it can increase its value; But it all depends on the impurities that the goshenite has in mind. Formerly it was used to make glasses and other lenses, but today its use is exclusive as a gem, thanks to its transparency.

·  Berilo Pezzottaite:  is a variety of beryl  having a raspberry color with shades of pink, with six rings silica tetrahedrons. It was first discovered in Madagascar in 2002 and was named after the Italian geologist Federico Pezzotta. Currently this stone is used exclusively for jewelry.

Spiritual meaning of beryl.

Beryl  is considered to be a great protector and healer due to its dynamic vibration, since it mixes the energies of the root and heart chakras in order to extract the life force from the earth.

The innate qualities of unconditional love and respect for life are expanded, it also fosters cooperation, energy and compatibility with other people. In relationships, it fuels passion and provides the courage to make emotionally deep commitments.

Beryl energy properties.

Beryl benefits.

Various uses of beryl.

Beryl is  currently used by the nuclear industry as a neutron reflector, making this mineral a very important element for this type of industry. Also, because it is a mineral with metal that has a very low density, it is used in the same way to make light copper alloys, for this reason, it is also used in the aeronautical industry.

Additionally, this mineral has a great variety, which are translucent (emeralds, aquamarines, etc.), which are used to make jewelry and collectibles.

Beryl fun facts.

  • Cleopatra had a preference for emeralds ( beryl variety ).
  • In the past, beryl  was used to perform various rituals, one of the most striking that stands out was the ritual to avoid rain.
  • According to historians, there is a find in the year 1695, on an aquamarine stone that was carved with flowers and sacred texts.
  • Some celebrities use beryl  as a good luck charm.

In Colombia are the  most sought- after beryl stones in the world.


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