Azurite Healing Properties

In this article we will discuss about azurite healing properties.


Azurite is an aqueous copper carbonate. It forms dark blue and blue cryptocrystalline earthy masses, much less often nodules and aggregates with a radially radiant structure. Very rarely, azurite forms Druze, large crystals and intergrowths. Often replaced by more stable copper carbonate – malachite.

Structure of Azurite

Cu 3 (CO 3 ) 2 (OH) 2

Other names of Azurite

Armenit, Armenian stone, copper lapis.
Copper azure, mountain blue, copper blue  – the ancient names of azurite.
Chessilite  is the name of azurite from a deposit in the town of Chessy, near Lyon in France.

Effect on the Chakras

Azurite acts on the  frontal (Ajna)  and  throat (Vishudha)  chakras.Energy

Susceptible Yin (absorbs energy)

Healing properties of Azurite

It is believed that azurite contributes to the treatment of hypertension and shortens the time of bone fusion, helps to fight melancholy, hallucinations, hysteria, epilepsy and other disorders of the nervous system. It cleanses the blood and bile, can be used for eye diseases and infectious skin diseases. There is evidence that azurite is useful for the relief of asthmatic attacks.

Name Relationship


Zodiac signs

Libra, Aquarius





Azurite stone is characterized by its beautiful blue color, it can be considered semi-precious, for its beauty it is used for jewelry making, but it also has energetic properties, here I will tell you what they are, their meaning and how to use it. You’ll love it

Azurite stone properties
What is azurite stone for?

Meaning of the azurite stone

Azurite is considered the stone of wisdom and intuition skills  this for its powers to equip its wearer with skills to intuit the future or events that are about to happen and to improve decision making. 

The term azurite comes from the Arabic term “azur” which means blue, the characteristic color of this stone.

  • Deposits: Brazil, Canada, India, Russia
  • Hardness: 3.5-4 on the mohs scale
  • Chakra: Throat
  • Favorite signs: Taurus, Aries, Cancer and Virgo.

Properties of Azurite: Healing?

The benefits you can get from wearing an azurite stone are:

  • Develop sixth sense:

Azurite stimulates your mind to develop the capacity of intuition, in fact this is one of the greatest uses they give to this blue stone . You are going to be able to do it without knowing exactly how, to have a presentiment of the things that are going to happen. 

  • It helps you make better decisions:

Good decision-making can be the key between success and failure, many times making a bad decision can have serious consequences, azurite helps you improve in this regard, being able to have the maturity and wisdom to always take the path that suits you best.

  • It removes anxiety and nerves:

For people suffering from anxiety and nervousness, they can also benefit greatly from the azurite that acts as a natural and effective pain reliever or relaxer. 

  • It will help you overcome trauma:

Another outstanding power of this stone is its powers to help its bearer overcome trauma or difficult to overcome events such as the death of a loved one, the marriage separation or houses of this style.

  • Healing properties:

The healing properties of azurite are related to the treatment of pain in the spine, sciatica and skin problems.

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Other facts about the azurite stone

  • This stone is compatible with others to expand its effects or powers, such as with malachite , you just have to put them together.
  • Precious azurite garments or jewelry, such as pendants, rings and bracelets, are available, are very beautiful and retain the energetic properties of the crystal
  • The professions most in tune with this stone are doctors, scientists, teachers, and psychologists.
  • It is often mistaken for blue sapphire because of its physical resemblance.
  • Another name as this stone is known is chesilite, referring to a city in France. Where large amounts of azurite were found in the past.

Meditating with azurite

Meditating is a way to achieve emotional and spiritual balance if done well, it helps to eliminate the overload of energies that affect us inside. Blue stones have always been special for meditation, azurite could not be less.

For this you just have to place the stone in front of you a short distance away, and meditate as you have always done. This will raise your concentration levels and help you find your way to correct thoughts.

Azurite Healing Properties

How to clean azurite

Many people wonder how to clean this stone energetically, but the reality is that it is not necessary to do it since it does not absorb any type of energy. You can clean it to keep it in good physical condition, for that a little water and cotton are enough, there is no need for any type of chemicals.

Products from a stone Azurite

Sometimes azurite is used as an ornamental and jewelry stone. Beads, earrings, pendants are made from it, but due to its low hardness (3.5 on the Mohs scale) and the relative instability of color, it is limited in application. Most often used as a collection mineral.

More Healing Properties Of Azurite

  • Treats flu and colds.
  • Cures throat problems (like good blue stone).
  • It is good for the kidneys, gallbladder, liver, and spleen.
  • Effective in disorders of thyroid, bone, teeth and skin.
  • It has the power to align bones and vertebrae.
  • Eliminates toxins from the body.
  • It calms nervous tics and spasms.
  • Strengthens the healthy growth of the embryo in the womb.
  • Treat mental problems.
  • Improves arteriosclerosis problems.
  • It stimulates the appetite.
  • Eliminates any obstruction of the uterus and prostate.
  • Relax the emotions.
  • Strengthens memory and strengthens the brain, as it increases gray matter.
  • Cleanses stress, grief, worry and sadness.
  • Sweetens attitudes.
  • It stimulates compassion.
  • Provide courage and security.
  • It tunes you to your spiritual guide (as the North American Indians used it well).
  • Facilitates travel “outside your body”.
  • Cleanses and stimulates the sixth chakra or third eye.
  • Develop intuition and spirituality.
  • Unlock any part of your body that has accumulated or stagnant energy.
  • Used in a wand, it facilitates the connection and conduction of cosmic energies.
  • Amplify the power of clairvoyance.
  • It elevates knowledge and thought to higher planes.
  • It serves as a link between the earthly and the cosmic.
  • Purify mind and soul.
  • Eliminate bad economic streaks.
  • Unlock any type of physical, ethereal, mental, emotional, or spiritual block.
  • Transform shadows into Light. That is, your fears, guilt, self-restraint, …
  • It helps you solve problems, guiding you to the root of the problem.

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