Argillite is a clay-type rock and a solid state. There is nothing special about it at first glance. The mineral does not cause any admiration for its appearance. In addition, it is not too durable in its characteristics.

According to the chemical composition, the stone resembles clay, but at the same time, it is more durable. The advantage is the fact that the mineral does not dissolve in water and does not contribute to the penetration of moisture.

In their locations, mudstones lie in plates. The composition often contains impurities of mica, quartz and feldspar. In a word, all the features of typical sedimentary rocks.

The name mudstone comes from the merger of the two words “stone” and “clay.” The color of the mineral is very diverse and ranges from bluish-gray with white veins to tarry.

Physical and chemical properties

The properties of mudstone directly depend on its variety and composition. In particular, cementitious material, which is a rock attachment, is of key importance. According to this criterion, mudstone is divided into clay stone (fragile) and close to quartz (it has a normal hardness index).

According to engineering studies, the mineral is significantly inferior to sandstone in its physical and chemical characteristics. However, not everyone agrees with this conclusion and continues to admire the fragile mineral.

Deposit and production

One of the main places of breed mining is Canada, namely the island of British Columbia. There are also several mudstone locations in Europe. In Estonia, there have been cases of excavations of this mineral. It is rare, since it does not have much relevance and respect among people.

Mudstone is mainly mined in open pit mines, while using standard excavation techniques. The found volume is sent all over in bulk for processing and a more thorough study of the rocks.

If harder types of mudstone have been discovered, specialists have to use explosive methods. After the uppermost layer is extracted, the remaining finds are sorted in order.

Regarding rocks with a loose structure, it is necessary to mine them in a warm climate, because under wet conditions, they crumble and bear the unjustified costs of financial resources.

The healing properties of stone

  • positively affects the patient’s urogenital system, adrenal glands, spleen and pancreas;
  • able to prevent the disease of one of the important organs of vital activity;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • reduces addiction to alcoholic beverages;
  • accelerates the regeneration process and promotes skin renewal, reduces the degree of cellulite;
  • has an antiseptic effect;
  • relieves inflammation, reduces muscle pain.

It can be used in the form of a powder, applying compresses to sore and affected areas (tissues). Stone baths are also useful.

It should be noted that in people who have chronic problems among those listed, it is necessary to limit the wearing of the mineral, as it can negatively affect and lead to disastrous consequences.

The magical properties of argillite

It is worth noting that products from this mineral are very rare, not to mention amulets and charms. Argillite must be stored in the house, since that is where it belongs. If you get a stone figurine in the shape of a whale, it will bring good luck, happiness and peace to the house, as well as financial well-being, in particular to those who suffer from lack of money.

Astrologers are of the opinion that mudguards will become an excellent talisman from all sorts of troubles, not only for fortunetellers, but also for travelers who spend long periods on business trips and working moments: sailors, a pilot, etc. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that the mineral is recruited by the power of space and accompanies the owner everywhere, wherever he is far from.

If it is not possible to find a whale figure, you can carry a piece of mudstone without cutting. Well, those who are engaged in extrasensory perception and have certain magical abilities will have to work hard and get the treasured figurine. It is she who is able to symbolize the connection between the living world and dead souls. If necessary and strong desire, a person will be able to contact their ancestors and ask questions of interest.


This custom and belief came from the Indians, who often carved whale figures or simply painted on a piece of the mineral. It was their people who most often turned to their ancestors and asked for help in difficult situations. And, as a rule, within a few days, the right decision came by itself.

It is generally accepted that if you wear part of mudstone on a dark moon, then the gift of divination, vision and fortune telling will open in a person. After that, a connection with nature will be established and the third eye will open.

Made of stone amulets, will protect your home from evil spirits and enemies, not allowing you to cross the threshold of the house.

The meaning of the zodiac signs

Astrologers are subjugated by the mudstone mineral, considering him a servant of the dark moon. That is, the Moon acts on it before the onset of the new moon. But, this does not mean at all that it is necessary to beware of this stone and consider it mystical. Argillite, on the contrary, contributes to the subjugation of the majestic moon to its owner.

The mineral has the best effect on Libra, Crayfish and Gemini, as well as representatives of the sign of water (Pisces, Aquarius and Scorpions). Mudstone will help improve their abilities and natural talents, helping them further develop. People born under these zodiac signs can easily become fortunetellers, healers and even visionaries.

Earth signs can also be carried with a mineral, but not constantly, but only before the full moon, otherwise karma will be significantly damaged.

As for the fire signs, they definitely should bypass the mudstone side, as this is fraught with negative health consequences.

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Areas of use

Argillite does not belong to precious stones and jewelry is not made from it. Today, it is quite difficult to find figurines made of this mineral on sale. Earlier, settlements of the Indians, who firmly believed in its strength and energy, were engaged in such craft.

The Haida tribe worshiped the magical abilities of mudstone, so it was considered proper to make various amulets and amulets from adversity from it. For stronger energy, dark minerals, almost black, are taken.

For several centuries, Canadian Indians have been carving souvenirs, saucers, totems and pendants made of mudstone. Find which is not so simple. Many comers find this kind of souvenirs through the worldwide Internet, but their price is astonishing at its high cost. And this despite the fact that the stone itself is not at all expensive. So for getting the treasured energy and the opportunity to communicate with ancestors, you will have to pay a few hundred dollars.

The pliable mineral allows architects to make the most unimaginable masterpieces of decor out of it. After carving the required shapes and silhouettes, the stone is coated for fixing with varnish.

In addition to magical purposes and rites, mudstone is sometimes used in the construction industry. Ceramic tiles, refractory products and cement are made from it.


The price of mudstone directly depends on its processing and artistic aesthetics. After all, the mineral itself does not constitute a special material value and demand, but products, this is completely different. That is why, there are no clear-cut facets of the cost of stone. If you want to save money, get raw mudstone.

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