aquamarine healing properties

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This aquamarine gemstone,  like the emerald, has the characteristic pale greenish-blue variety of beryl. It belongs to the cyclosilicate minerals. With the chemical formula Be 3 Al 2 Si 6 O 18  Fe . It is very hard and for this reason it is highly appreciated in jewelry, allowing various cuts. The brightness and color of the aquamarine remind us of the sea. This precious stone tells us about the strong link with the sea, its meaning derives from the Latin words “aqua” (water) and “marinus” (marine).

aquamarine healing properties

Its bluish tone is due to the presence of Fe 2+ ; While green is due to Fe 3+ inclusions , this green color can be removed with heat treatment and the purpose of this practice is to make the blue color darker, as it makes the stone more valuable.

Aquamarine (physical properties).

  • Color: pale greenish blue (aquamarine).
  • Raya: blanca.
  • Luster: waxy-vitreous.
  • Transparency: transparent.
  • Crystal system: hexagonal.
  • Crystal habit: prismatic.
  • Exfoliation: very difficult.
  • Hardness: 7.5-8 (Mohs).
  • Refractive index: nω = 1,564–1,595, nε = 1,568–1.602.
  • Optical properties: uniaxial.

Main deposits of aquamarine.

This gemstone is found in metamorphic rocks and under mineral deposits of river sediments.

Firstly, the most appreciated specimens were extracted in Minas Gerais (Brazil) and in the Ural Mountains (Russia), in Africa some deposits were also discovered. But today Brazil is the largest exporter of aquamarine stones in the world.

Other countries where deposits are found are: Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, the United States, India, Sri Lanka, Italy and Ecuador.

Aquamarine (History).

In the Middle Ages, alchemists believed that this mineral aided in digestion and fluid retention. They also came to think that it was the antidote to any poison.

In mythology, this stone was thought to calm the fury of Poseidon the God of the sea or Neptune. During storms sailors used to leave aquamarine amulets in the sea to calm the fury of these gods.

Aquamarine (Physical characteristics).

This gem is highly appreciated, thanks to its blue color, which is displayed in a splendid way through the light of a lit flame. This gemstone is transparent and has no inclusions at a glance, if the aquamarine is observed under a magnifying glass, we can see that its transparency is maintained.

Different varieties of aquamarine.

These are classified according to their place of extraction, for example:

  • Aquamarine Santa María:  presents an intense blue and comes from the Santa María de Itabira locality (Brazil), this is a very rare variety.
  • The Sao-Domingo aquamarine:  its shade is pastel blue, this was discovered on a farm of the same name, it is from Brazil.
  • Aquamarine Santa Teresa:  this gem is the most appreciated by lovers of aquamarines, it has a very bright turquoise blue tone.
  • The Boca-Rica aquamarine:  its name derives from the deposit from which it is extracted and is presented in green tones, this stone reminds the foam of the sea.
  • Petra Blue Aquamarine: it has an intense and darker blue tone.
  • The Cat’s Eye Aquamarine:  this gem closely resembles a cat’s eye, therefore its name, it internally has needle-shaped inclusions, distributed parallel to the internal part of the stone, which reflect light.
  • Serene emotions:  this stone serene emotional storms and storms inside the individual, since as its name says it is associated with water, the element that moves emotions.
  • Clarify thoughts:  this stone will allow you to delve into your thoughts, since it has the ability to provide an internal vision without distractions, and thus achieve an objective point of view in the face of any problem, this virtue is thanks to its transparency.
  • Encourages expression:  shy people who are afraid to express themselves in public can expose their thoughts and release their repressed emotions, thanks to the calming power of aquamarine.
  • Strengthens the aura:  a person’s energy system is strengthened when facing adverse and complicated life situations, all thanks to the feeling of well-being that aquamarine provides.
  • Reset past memories: past  memories such as anger, hatred, grudges, jealousy, envy and others can be released, as this stone is able to reach them so that you can understand them.
  • Encourage empathy:  This stone has the power to inspire feelings of peace, serenity, and joy, helping you understand all the individuals around you.
  • Generates states of consciousness:  this mineral positively activates the chakra of the heart and the third eye, this helps you to have a perception of realities and awaken psychic powers.
  • Promote purity:  this stone helps us to understand our existence more clearly, to walk with a lighter and pure heart.
  • Balance sensitivity:  this stone allows you to have a broader perspective and thus better tolerate the judgment of others.

Benefits and properties that aquamarine offers.

General uses of aquamarine.

Uses of aquamarine in gem therapy.

This stone has many healing properties on a physical level, it can be used carved or raw.

  • It cleanses the organism:  aquamarine acts on the different fluids of the body, especially the blood; eliminates both emotional and physical toxins.
  • Strengthens the bone system:  This stone strengthens bones, specifically those of the mouth and cervix, it is also used to treat bruxism.
  • Strengthens the vocal cords:  aquamarine, like many blue minerals, strengthens the throat, pharynx and larynx area, and also facilitates expression.
  • It balances the thyroid:  this gland receives the positive energies of the stone to make it work better.
  • Regulates the heart rhythm:  this stone is ideal for people who are nervous and feel palpitations, since it acts as a pain reliever; Furthermore, its action on the thymus gives a feeling of happiness and well-being.
  • It helps in skin problems:  because this stone eliminates toxins, it also frees the skin of impurities.
  • Clarifies the vision:  thanks to the transparency of the aquamarine, it is able to clarify the view.
  • Strengthens the immune system: immune  diseases are cured by this stone, including hay fever, as it is responsible for calming the excessive reactions of this system.
  • On the solar plexus this stone helps in the assessment of the capabilities of a person. When placed in the third eye, it clarifies the vision related to the problems and favors the psychic perception.

Uses of aquamarine at an energy level.

Fake or authentic aquamarine. How to recognize if it is real?

1. Check the gem well, if you find scratches it may be glass. Aquamarines have great hardness and do not scratch easily.

2. Examine the stone carefully, if you see bubbles inside the jewel, it means that it is glass. Aquamarine never has bubbles.

3. Another method is to place the stone on the forehead, if it feels at room temperature, it means that it is glass. Aquamarine feels cold when you put it on your forehead.

4. Examine the stone from different angles, keep in mind that the glass will look the same color from any angle, while the aquamarine displays different colors in the angles that you place it, since it is pleochroic.

5. If you still have doubts about the authenticity of the stone, take the gem with a geologist or jeweler for further examination.

Cleaning and energizing aquamarine.

This mineral should not be subjected to intense cleaning treatments, if an acid is added, it can suffer irreparable damage.

To proceed to clean it correctly, you must place it in a glass container and add sea salt, then it is left for approximately two hours, after the time, the salt is removed under running or tap water.

To recharge the aquamarine, it must be left under the moonlight throughout the night, and the next day you will have the aquamarine ready to use it.

Aquamarine fun facts.

  • In 1910, a specimen weighing 110 k was found in the city of Marambaia, Minas Gerais (Brazil). To date it is the largest aquamarine ever discovered.
  • Some people believe that aquamarine induces sleep.
  • This gemstone has long been considered a symbol of happiness and eternal youth.
  • If aquamarine is soaked in water, and that water is consumed, it is believed to cure eye problems or diseases and hiccups.
  • Some people believe that when someone places aquamarine in his mouth, he gains the power to summon a devil from hell who is asked questions and answers any of them.

Aquamarine is considered the stone of the month of March.


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