All-Seeing Eye

On many papyri of Ancient Egypt you can find an interesting symbol – a triangle with an eye, it is called the “All-Seeing Eye.” Today, scientists suggest that Egypt is truly considered the birthplace of the symbol, and it belongs to numerous Masonic signs.

Figure symbol is an image of the human eye, described by a triangle. The symbol is considered very famous, and today it can be seen on many Egyptian buildings, architectural monuments, jewelry, clothes, dollars, souvenirs and even Orthodox icons. This is why he is mysterious, since he could independently appear in many cultures.

The origin of the Eye symbol in the triangle

The image of the All-Seeing Eye, also known as the Eye in the Triangle or the Radiant Delta, is associated with the image of the Great Architect of the Universe, the Creator, who in such an unpretentious way can constantly observe what free-masons bring to life.

Scientists connect the origin of the Masonic sign with the religion of the ancient Egyptians and the ciphers of a secret organization. It is believed that it is this magic symbol that will help people to know the secret of the Universe thanks to it, humanity will be endowed with mental and spiritual knowledge of the world. The sign represents prosperous prosperity, gaining strength, knowledge and development.

Scientists are inclined to believe that the magic sketch is a symbol of Masons, there is no scientific evidence for this, it is not clear what role the Illuminati play in the origin of the sign. It turns out that the mystery of the all-seeing eye has not been solved to this day, and humanity can only speculate, trying to find at least some evidence of the validity of their assumptions.

Types and significance of the All-Seeing Eye

Despite the version of Egyptian origin, this image is found in different religions and cultures. Each nation drew a secret symbol in its own way, giving it its own meaning, but in general, they are all somewhat similar.

In egyptian culture

Studying the styles of the ancient symbolism of Egypt, we can conclude that the Egyptian symbol itself is significantly different from all the others in its image. Represents a stylized eye glitch. Symbolizes incredible power, the power of knowledge.

It represents a mystical third eye, which is able to see something hidden from humanity, to learn something secret against this background, thus rising above all of humanity. Differing from them primarily by supernatural intuition, the ability to know everything in this world.

The sign is associated with an indispensable bright future, absolute power and power. This symbol allows you to develop its owner incredible supernatural ability to heal and the ability to see the future.

In Christianity

When you meet the Masonic sign with Christians, you immediately pay attention to a more realistic image of the picture. Moreover, the eye is literally inscribed in a regular triangle. It is the Orthodox writings that call the triangle with the eye inside the Radiant Delta.

The main meaning lies in the triangle itself. This geometrical figure of the correct form symbolizes three equally possible faces, like three hypostases of the Lord himself: the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. This defines powerful energy. The eye itself reminds us that everything is subject to the Lord God. Watching humanity, he sees not only actions, deeds, but also the thoughts of people. The eye is not singularly depicted in the singular, this suggests that everything that the Almighty sees cannot be dual. This is all exact, one, right.

The symbol characterizes quick insight, testifies that humanity will gradually gain spiritual wisdom, knowledge, which contributes to a greater disclosure of their intellectual abilities, potential. It personifies the blessed light, joy, the power of knowledge, the creation and existence of a higher mind.

In the countries of China and Japan

The ancient Chinese and Japanese painted the sign in a special way. The picture necessarily contained an image of the heavenly sanctuaries – the Moon, the Sun. It was through them that the future and the past of mankind were compared.

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North America

American Aborigines believed that the Eye of the Great Spirit was able to tell a lot about the past, present, future.

Hinduism and Buddhism

According to the religions of the Indian subcontinent, the interpretation of the sign says – the eye is the eye of Shiva or Buddha himself. It characterizes spiritual development through the knowledge of wisdom. Only a wise person is able to take away from himself a kind of evil and unclean forces.

Ancient Greece

Drawing a drawing of the eye, the ancient Greeks compared it with the sun. The sign was completely associated with the powerful gods Zeus and Apollo. They believed that the eye can protect, warm, bringing light and grace.

Despite this, some Indo-European tribes, for example, the Celts, associated the eye exclusively with something negative, evil, treacherous. It was this symbol that could carry human envy, the intentions of something bad, black bad energy.

All-Seeing Eye

Summing up, you can see that different religions and cultures interpret the meaning of the symbol in different ways, draw a sign with obvious differences. However, it is not difficult to notice that some interpretations are similar – the All-Seeing Eye speaks of the power of knowledge. Such a keeper will endow with the ability to learn the secrets of being, the ability to see the “invisible”, but existing in our Universe. Only with him, under his auspices, will he be able to rise above humanity, gain power over minds, and learn to control his consciousness.

How to use a talisman

According to ancient scriptures, the All-Seeing Eye can be used as a powerful amulet, a talisman. That is why it was created by ancient people, perhaps even the organization of Masons. Today, images of a sacred symbol full of mysticism and magic can be seen on many products, it is still used as an amulet, a protection against all bad things. It is believed that the product attracts good, allows you to increase the intellectual level, to discover the abilities of the supernatural.

The green triangle is used for the design of banknotes, its image adorns pendants, rings, coins. Variants of the picture can be completely different, the main picture often contains a pyramid with the All-Seeing eye, a triangle, the outline of the eye itself. The material for such talismans can be completely different from metal, wood, fabric, ending with ordinary paper.

Choosing the option of the applied drawing, you need to be clearly aware of what the amulet will be associated with. It is advisable to choose a drawing in accordance with the religious characteristics of a particular culture. Such amulets can be used to protect housing, livestock, property and people. Therefore, such things are worn on the body, many even fill their eyes in a triangle, even on the body, like a tattoo. Amulets are placed in their homes, in the workplace, in a car.

Esotericists, who study in detail the effect of the magic symbol, assure that the proper wearing, storage of the amulet will allow a person to achieve a lot both in the workplace and in life in general. It will allow you to save and increase your fortune, attract the right people to your life. Perhaps the main thing is that with such a patron, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and development of certain abilities, talent that no one else has will come.

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