Agate Healing Properties


In this article we will discuss all about Agate and Agate healing properties.

Agate  is a variety of layered  chalcedony  – cryptocrystalline fine-fibrous  quartz .

Structure of Agate

SiO 2

Other names of Agate

Agate stone

Varieties of Agate

Bastion – with patterns similar to drawings of old maps ;
ocellar – with concentric layers close in shape to a circle, forming a pattern similar to an eye;
dendritic – – translucent chalcedony with tree-like or fern-like stains of black or brown flowers;
moss agate (the name is usually derived from “mossy” inclusions, however, the etymology from the deposit near the city of Moho (Yemen) is no less convincing – chalcedony, with inclusions that resemble moss in a polished stone;landscape agate – a kind of dendrite agate, chalcedony with a pattern resembling a landscape. Synonyms: landscape agate, landcap agate;
rainbow or iridescent – agate with very thin (up to several thousand per 1 mm) closely spaced layers that decompose the light into a spectrum, which creates a beautiful rainbow color play or moire effect. Synonym: scambia;
Onyx  – agate with alternating plane-parallel layers of various colors.
The color of the alternating layers distinguishes:
–  carneolonix  (alternating red and white)
–  sardonyx  (brown-brown and white)
–  Arabic onyx  (black and white)
– chalcedonyx  (bluish gray and white)

Effect on the Chakras

Agate affect all  chakras  depending on color


Susceptible Yin (absorbs energy)

Healing properties of Agate

  1. Agate has lots of healing properties. Agate can help with many ailments.
  2. Products made of this stone help increase potency, beneficially affect the lungs, improve vision and hearing, help fight fears, help with chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system, strengthen blood vessels, cleanse the lymphatic system and pancreas, heal skin diseases, protect against infections and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Ayurveda says that agate removes kapha disturbances. In Sanskrit, “kapha” means bodily water, which is present in various organs and tissues (intercellular fluid according to modern concepts). Kapha provides energy for the heart and lungs, supports immunity (remember that immunoglobulins are present in the extracellular fluid). According to Ayurveda, agate contains elements of ether, fire and air. Agate is recommended for children: it calms and dispels their fear, helps to start walking earlier.
  4. It is believed that agates protect the human body when exposed to radiation.

Magical properties

  1. In Mongolia, it is believed that yellow agate contributes to the development of internal Chi energy and gives confidence. Lamas believed that this stone expels evil spirits from the human body and from its home.
  2. Agate is a talisman that brings the ability to speak beautifully, be pleasant in communication, make the right decisions, make the right choices and actions, it strengthens the mind and makes a person insightful.
  3. Agates protect their owner from the intrigue of enemies, protect against energy attacks and “vampirism”.
  4. It was believed that agate helps to maintain fidelity of lovers to each other.
  5. In ancient Rome, agate balls were placed in gardens to protect plants.
  6. It was believed that agate can protect its owner from a lightning strike and save during an earthquake.
    Contact healing, wearing jewelry (neck and hand bracelets, necklaces, beads), Chinese massage with balls, working with an agate pyramid.
    Layered agates are given to hold the patient in his hand, sometimes during illness, when thirsty, put in the mouth.
    With a prolonged cough, tonsillitis is worn in the form of a bead, with a disease of the teeth – in the form of earrings.
    With gout, joint diseases, agate bracelets are worn.
    In heart disease, an agate ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. People suffering from insomnia, causeless fears and prone to tantrums are recommended to wear agate products on the middle finger of their right hand.
    An agate brooch helps to relieve asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis.
    Name Relationship

Anatoly, Boris, Valery, Victor, Eduard, Alla, Antonina, Irina, Nadezhda, Raisa, Tamara

Zodiac signs

Taurus, Gemini


Earth, Water, Ether (Space)


Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn

Agate stone products

From agate make beads, insets into rings, earrings, brooches, signets.
Caskets, snuff boxes and vessels were cut from large agates. The largest agate product is a flat dish with a diameter of 75 cm, stored in Vienna (Museum of History and Art).

The Agata  is a mineral that does not exactly count as a gemstone , is considered semiprecious . The agate is also a common mineral silica, not as others of its type. The agate has no decisive style or color, in fact, can have many variations, there are many types of agate . It is considered part of the quartz family . Each layer that makes it up is a type of microcrystals of a different shade or shape.

Agate Healing Properties

The agate has a different design depending on the place it is mined and the natural variants with which it was created in its environment, but if you can find these quartz with similar designs, regardless of type they are all beautiful. The most common are the agate eye , the fire agate and botswana agate .

Why does agate form? 

They usually develop within volcanic vesicles where layers made of silica or other related elements abound. The reduced capacities within these places have the perfect temperature for the layers to merge into one until reaching such a design, the variety of the temperature can also cause that deformation of colors that characterizes quartz so much. 

The agate also adapts to the irregularities that can occur in the place , it does not matter if it does not have a perfect alignment or the space seems impossible, this stone adapts and ends up developing in the place that is necessary. The cavity is becoming a complete space only for agate, so you can find large quantities in the same area. The most common way you can find it is in circular nodules or even perfect knobs.

Many people who can get agate quartz usually chop it so that the internal colors are more visible  and give a more precious effect to their finish. We currently have different color patterns in these stones and it is very likely that many more will be developed in the future.

The agate is a stone that needs to be polished so that the colors and flashes are exploited in its magnitude, in addition to activating the energies that lie within. 

Where is the agate stone found?

The places with a large amount of agate in its composition are within the United States , in the states of: Montana, Oregon, Idaho and even Washington. Not only do they have this quartz, there are also large deposits of other types of stones.

All cavities within rocks or where lava has dried over time have the possibility of developing agates, and let’s not forget that any volcano with rocky areas can also have agates inside.

In addition to being able to adapt to their environment and take any shape, agates are very resistant  and it is difficult to break a stone from them. Chemical formulas cannot disintegrate this quartz, it is only achieved through industrial cuts.

If your cut reminds you of a tree trunk, you probably have an agate in your hands. Plus the translucent, bright or opaque colors you can perceive.  

The history of the agate

The first production of agate quartz is granted to the Germans , especially in its first exploitation in the city of Idar-Obertein, this is one of the most important places when talking about precious stones, because its land is full of they. The most common in this area many years ago were jasper and agate stone, which were gradually cut and polished after obtaining them. All this done by the artisans of the time.

In 1800 an important event for quartz also occurred and that is that in Río Grande do Sul, located in Brazil, a large land was found that housed quantities and quantities of agate in its area, also they did not waste time and got down to business. work. For the time being they still had no way to polish them, so they were sent to the city of Idar-Obertein and had their industrial process in Germany. To this day he remains one of the pioneers of this art and continues to execute the cuts with precision.

The name “agate” was taken thanks to a river located on an island in Italy. It is found on the island of Sicily and although it is currently known as the Dirillo river, in ancient times it was called the “achates” river; in the depths of this were hundreds and hundreds of agates in all their splendor and began to gain popularity in these areas. 

Despite the fact that agate is ranked as one of the minerals and that many stones are also born that way, agate does not owe its formation 100% to this. It is thanks to the link of the crystals that are made in the volcanic areas and that are found as silica, it is that they can be fully developed. The properties play an important role in their coats, as these are what gives them their originality and colors can adopt.

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The use of agate

Agate is a stone commonly used for accessories  or also for the creations of incredible ornamental objects. You can get to make carvings on cameos and put them as slabs in your home and without being polished much better. Within the world of jewelry, it can be said that it is the most accessible stones and that it can be adapted to various shapes, such as: in earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, also for crowns or ornaments on clothing.

You can make large or small scale figures for your house or room, you can make pots for plants and hanging decorations. 

Agate energy 

The agate has the strength to keep its energy stored for a long time  and to provide the person with stability throughout his life. At each stage of growth it is not unnecessary to have this quartz on hand to develop your maturity and the way to act before certain situations. Its properties are based on trust and personal warmth. During pregnancy this stone will be of great help to you, it can enhance the mother’s lactation, help with pain and help you overcome the stages of post-unemployment depression common in many women.

This quartz also helps control our desire for consumerism and fill us with things that we will never use, in addition to being able to help us get out of this problem if we are already out of control. For people who have an endless amount of responsibilities at once, agate helps us stay stable  and finish our duties as soon as possible. Creativity is something that does not go unnoticed by people, especially if you are an artist or a writer, you will get an endless source of ideas for your works.  

The agate is linked to pregnancy, but it does not stop there. Also in the growth stage of our children it protects them from injuries and that they can get to walk quickly without an exaggerated number of falls in their repertoire. In addition, your marriage will be reinforced with quartz in your home. Remember not to leave your agate in the house when you make family trips or go by car, thus they repel the possibility of an accident. 

The physical healing energy of agate

One of the greatest healing effects of agate is found in the mind , where it provides advantages for: analysis of the environment, concentration, the way of seeing things and the mental maturity with which you guide yourself along the way. But it can work as a remedy when you have health problems.

If you suffer from gastritis or want to keep your digestive system stable you can use this quartz, one way to do it is to place it on our abdomen and leave it for a while; You can also choose the elixir of agate. You can do these same procedures on these parts of the body such as: the legs, the uterus, the eyes and some bones.

You can place the agate over the heart to correct abnormalities such  as deficiency or failure of the blood vessels. This, in addition, can make it stronger and you will not have to go through these weaknesses again. The heart muscles will be stronger if you repeat this every day in the same amount of time. For fever you can choose to subject the quartz to low temperatures and then place it on your forehead, it can work for insomnia and for the effects of epilepsy. 

The spiritual agate

Being born in the cavities of volcanoes, the agate already knows the excesses of fury and heat ; that’s why in a matter of spirit it fills you with conscience and courage to know how to carry things and how to react at certain times in your life. Take all the elements of life and offer them to you, you can take it whenever you want. After a while you will reach a new level in mental stability. 

Meditation with agate

If you implement agate into your meditation routine,  not only can you achieve permanent emotional and mental stability, you can also go far beyond the common focus of the world. The mind can open up to many senses of life and give you the opportunity to know more.

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