7 ways to develop the intelligence of an adult

Intelligence is a very broad concept that includes not only the totality of existing knowledge, but also the ability to apply it to achieve their own goals, the ability to think and make decisions.

Why you need to develop intelligence

Unfortunately, the modern world pushes us not to the development of intelligence, but to degradation – with television broadcasts, an outdated education system, and finally – routine work that does not require any intervention of the mind. Getting up from behind a university desk, most people stop growing and developing, not realizing the full value of the constant development of intelligence and broadening their horizons.

How the development of intelligence affects a person

First of all, you will start to see opportunities . Opportunities that were not noticed before, being in the zone of personal comfort, and not thinking about improving their life and the world around them.

You will be better able to cope with stressful situations because a developed intellect is aimed at the most rational actions and the achievement of a specific result, and anxiety, stress, and other meaningless emotions are a completely waste of time.

In addition, you will become more collected and more attentive , because a trained brain is able to make the right decisions faster, which means you are less likely to get into an unpleasant situation or miss something important.

How to develop intelligence

It is necessary to work on the development of intelligence in a complex way – to gain new knowledge, force the brain to seek answers, work on concentration of attention, improve memory, as well as the ability to think creatively and rationally.

Simple math calculations

The first place to start is to give your brain a little more work than usual. The most suitable in this case, according to scientists, is simple mathematical calculations performed continuously, with small numbers.

For example, try to count the following examples in 15 seconds:

52 + 33 = ?

13 x 4 =?

32 : 8 = ?

16 — 7 = ?

26 + 77 = ?

Simple, isn’t it? However, at the moment of intensive calculations, your brain, which figuratively speaking during the day is in a state of “walking”, switched to “running”. Such work with small numbers will make you noticeably smarter in just a few weeks. However, exercise should be regular .

The most convenient and modern option is to install the application on your smartphone, where you are given simple examples, and your task is to solve them as quickly as possible. 10 minutes of such workouts a day is enough for a start.

Reading of books

As you read earlier, for the development of intelligence it is important not only to learn to think, but also to receive new information . Books are by far the best way to get information. But if you set yourself the goal of developing intelligence, then fiction will not suit you. There are several options – reading literature on your specialty , for advanced training; scientific publications that will make you ask questions and gain new knowledge about the world around you; psychology of interpersonal interaction – i.e. the ability to build relationships with people is one of the most important qualities of the 21st century, and there is no limit to perfection in this direction.

By the way, it is not necessary to go headlong into reading, it is enough to find only a few hours a week , and then you will read about 2 books a month, which in a year will turn into 24, and turn your usual worldview upside down.

Scenario change

The life of many people is a series of habitual actions that can be repeated for years, causing the brain to fall more and more into a “sleep mode”. In order to break this vicious circle, and how to move your brains, your task is to change your usual daily scenarios .

It’s about making the morning richer and more cheerful; breakfast is healthier; the day is more productive; work more efficiently; fill every day with new impressions, and life with bright colors. How to do it? This is where you need to think carefully , look inside yourself and find the answers. In the end, changing life for the better is not a difficult occupation, there would be a desire.

New skill

For the development of intelligence, it is very important to use the areas of the brain that are least used , which means you need to do what you have never done . Here is the right time to remember about your children’s swords, about what you would like to learn, but still did not dare. Maybe you dreamed of learning how to play the guitar – so start. Roller skating or ice skating – go for it! Mastering a musical instrument, drawing, understanding the device of a car – everything is in your hands. The point is that any new undertaking will give the brain an unprecedented surge.

Game of chess

It is known that chess is one of the most difficult games in the world, which means it is the greatest training for your intellect . Chess gives such a good “shake-up” of thinking that even one game a week will be enough to keep the brain in good shape. If you get more, then let it be more. Make it a rule to play at least one game of chess a week and you will get a tremendous brain training. By the way, if you think that you have no one to play with, then today on the Internet there are dozens of playgrounds for playing chess with live players, where you can easily choose your opponent in terms of level.

Foreign language

The opportunity to use undeveloped areas of the brain will give you the study of a foreign language. This is a truly unique way of developing intelligence, because learning a language means grammar, new words, understanding the peculiarities of constructing sentences, etc. Such an integrated approach ensures the all-round development of both the intellect and the personality as a whole, since knowledge of one more language in addition to the native one opens up many opportunities for a person .


A very interesting way to develop intelligence is to study the biographies of successful people – scientists, businessmen, athletes.  Biographies of people who have achieved lofty goals in life help to understand their way of thinking, to learn valuable lessons, as well as how they achieved their goals. The most interesting and instructive are the biographies of Leonardo Da Vinci, Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla, etc.


The development of intelligence is not as obvious and tangible as the development of muscle mass. However, after physiological development, mental development should follow – only in this way a person will be a harmoniously developing personality. Remember that after graduation, the possibility of further development of intelligence is completely in your hands. Don’t miss this opportunity!