Fire Opal healing properties

Fire Opal Stone Opal is considered a mineral belonging to the group of silicates, tectosilicates, according to the Strunz classification. Its composition is similar to that of quartz, with the difference that the opal has water internally. Opal is often found filling cavities with sedimented rocks or rhyolites. There are many varieties of existing opals, … Read more

Larimar healing properties

Larimar stone The Larimar  is a semi precious stone which is composed of pectolite hydrate, Acid partner, and calcium silicate. It is only found in the Dominican Republic and can be found in white, greenish blue, deep blue or light blue. Larimar history On November 22, 1916, the priest Miguel Domingo Fuertes de Loren, an … Read more

Halite healing properties

Mineral Halite The Halite  is a mineral as popularly as a gem or salt rock salt. This crystal is formed due to the presence of sodium chloride. This mineral is found in various colors, this depends on the impurities that are available. It can appear in reddish colors due to the presence of iron, in … Read more

garnet healing properties

Garnet Stone The Garnet  is a stone that is found around the world, is commonly red but can also be found in other colors and chemical formulas. Its luminosity makes it one of the most attractive jewelery stones. The Garnet  can be seen in various stories and ancient legends, specifically in the Middle Ages, where … Read more

beryl healing properties

Beryl Semiprecious Stone The beryl  belongs to ciclosilicatos mineral beryllium aluminum, ie are silicates formed by tetrahedrons as rings, when in their pure state are usually colorless, and impurities that contribute color and depending on the color having , their varieties are named. Its crystallization occurs in hexagonal prisms with pinacoid, which are noted or … Read more

Chrysocolla healing properties

Chrysocolla stone and its properties Chrysocolla stone is a mineral that, due to its high copper content, is highly attractive. It is shown in shades of green and blue, and sometimes it is covered with a thin layer of quartz and even interlaced with it. It does not have a defined chemical formula, motivated by … Read more

Rhodonite healing properties

Rhodonite stone and its properties The rodonita  also known as pajsbergita is a mineral belonging to the group of silicates and the Inosilicates and within this subgroup belongs to subgroup pyroxene. It is a manganese silicate that can be replaced by iron, magnesium, calcium and other minerals. Another variety like fowlerite that has zinc which … Read more

aquamarine healing properties

AQUAMARINE STONE This aquamarine gemstone,  like the emerald, has the characteristic pale greenish-blue variety of beryl. It belongs to the cyclosilicate minerals. With the chemical formula Be 3 Al 2 Si 6 O 18  Fe . It is very hard and for this reason it is highly appreciated in jewelry, allowing various cuts. The brightness … Read more

Shiva lingam healing properties

LINGAM This name has various meanings such as phallus, sign or brand. This stone is also called shiva lingam , Tibet egg, shiva phallus or sacred lingam , it is a kind of natural boulder that forms in the Narmada river, specifically in the Mandhata mountains in India. They are a variety of cryptocrystalline type … Read more

Selenite healing properties

SELENITA The selenite is a variety of the mineral known as gypsum, its name in Greek is “Selene” which in Spanish means moon. This stone is in the form of transparent crystals or crystalline masses. Its name does not come from its high selenium content, but rather from its similarity to moonlight. This stone is … Read more